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MODX Revolution is the web content management platform for those that truly care about no-compromise design and exceptional user experience. It gives you complete control over your site and content, with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing needs.

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The most flexible and freeing content management platform. Period.

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A Content Management Revolution

Your CMS should never stand in the way of communicating your brand and delivering content that converts. Yet we’ve been told to accept the limitations and frustrations imposed by most other platforms. With MODX Revolution, you create exactly what you want, without limits. That’s Creative Freedom—and, we think you’ll love it.

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The Creative Freedom doesn’t stop at site owners. Designers: take your ground-breaking or trend-smashing mock-ups to mark-up in MODX, in no time. Developers: keep your sanity and your custom code safely separated from content and presentation. Confidently turn your complete project over to the site owner or client .

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A web development and hosting platform like no other. Develop, deploy, manage and upgrade sites with unimaginable ease, on systems precisely tuned for MODX. Easily Snapshot an existing site, make changes, test, and push back to production without skipping a beat. So easy, even your creative director can do it.

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Whether you are looking for a developer to build out your next website project or you need help with an existing development, can help. You can search our community forums for a DIY fix, or choose one of the two options below to hire a professional.

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MODX-loving Brands
  • MODX really helped me release creativity on I’m using new web technologies and MODX mixes perfectly with them. —Pablo Liz, Lithium Lab

  • MODX is the best cms I have found. Well worth spending time to learn. Awesome community as well. —Reborn Media

  • I can create everything! —Victor Kargin

  • I am in the process of moving all my sites over to @modx (which is very easy) and it gives me all the flexibility I want. —Auspicious Day

  • There is never a fight with #MODX to get it to output code exactly how I want it. —Charles Askew

  • I love MODX because of it allows me 100% freedom over my code! That is AWESOME.—HAW Productions

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