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Agency Answers Why they Choose MODX over WordPress

Jay Gilmore Nov 18

The team at Yoto Creative answers the questions why they choose MODX over WordPress for their client sites.

Evolution 1.0.15 Important Security Update and 100+ Changes

Jay Gilmore Nov 06

This release of MODX Evolution includes more than 100 fixes and improvements. It also includes fixes for two critical security vulnerabilities.

Jason Coward: Why PhpStorm is His IDE of Choice

Jay Gilmore Oct 27

Over on his blog, MODX co-founder and Chief Architect, Jason (opengeek) Coward, shares why PhpStorm is his PHP IDE of choice. If you're looking for a serious development IDE for PHP, check out his post and test drive PhpStorm.

3 Awesome Newsletters for Web Devs and Designers

Jay Gilmore Oct 27

If you're like me, you love to keep on top of what's happening in web development. These three email newsletters offer some serious goodies covering topics including: responsive web design, web standards, usability, JS, performance and much more.

Revolution 2.2.16 Fixes Password Reset

Jay Gilmore Oct 24

We have released Revolution 2.2.16. This patch release fixes password reset functionality.

Revolution 2.3.2—Lots of Little Fixes Add Up

Jay Gilmore

Today we released Revolution 2.3.2. This patch release includes dozens of fixes and improvements along with a fix to prevent low-risk cross site scripting (XSS).

3 Ways to Tell if Content is Cacheable

YJ Tso

Common misconceptions about "uncacheable" and "dynamic" website content.

A Weekend in Zeist at MODX Weekend

Jay Gilmore

Over the weekend of September 19 to 21, modmore founder, Mark Hamstra, hosted the first ever MODX Weekend in Zeist, (near Utrecht) in the Netherlands. Fifty attendees from around the world to connect with and learn from other MODX professionals. It sounds like it was a successful event by any standard. Read all about MODX Weekend 2014.

Collections: Customizable Views for Content Types

YJ Tso Sep 30

Product listings, blog posts, news releases, white papers – these are just some of the custom "content types" that a typical site owner needs to manage. With Collections, MODX lets you easily customize admin views, with powerful options and all the flexibility you expect from MODX Revolution.

5 Reasons to Try MODX Cloud—Even if You've Tried it Before

Jay Gilmore

If you've been thinking that MODX Cloud is awesome MODX-optimized hosting, you're missing out on a whole pile of features to help you work smarter, save time, and make more money. I wanted to share just 5 reasons you should (re)consider trying MODX Cloud.