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MODX Revolution 2.4.2—Bug Squashin' UI Fixin' Goodness

YJ Tso October 6

The latest release of MODX Revolution squashes some bugs and better-fies the MODX Manager UI, including the most recent version of FontAwesome.

MODX Revolution 2.4.1—Updates & Fixes

YJ Tso September 23

On special today is the MODX Revolution CMS version 2.4.1, marinated in an xPDO sauce, with a side of PHPMailer.

MODX Cloud Update September 21, 2015

Ryan Thrash September 21

We’re constantly working on features and functionality requested by MODX Cloud users. Along with some other tweaks, we’re especially happy to offer more insight into what we’re working on, and to give users more direct access to influence its future. Read more for the complete details.

Migrating Your MODX Site

YJ Tso September 21

This tutorial explains the best practices to maintain data portability in MODX and how to migrate a site from server to server.

MODX Cloud Update September 10, 2015

Jay Gilmore September 9

Hello Germany! MODX Cloud is now available in a Frankfurt data center alongside Amsterdam and Dallas. It also now allows you to restore backups to any Cloud instance, and received several minor UX, documentation and performance improvements. Read more for the complete details.

Quick Tip: Sorting "Date" Type TV Values

YJ Tso September 9

Custom fields in MODX, known as "Template Variables" or "TVs" for short, can expose a multitude of input types for CMS content managers. One commonly required input type is the "Date" field.

However, depending on your use case, the fact that this input type saves its values in the database as a (standards compliant) string instead of a UNIX timestamp, can either save you time …

A New Branching Strategy for MODX Revolution

Jason Coward September 3

This week we have modified the branching strategy that we have been using when maintaining the MODX Revolution repository at Github.

Deep Dive Into MODX Revolution 2.4

YJ Tso August 24

A deep dive into some of the most prominent new features in MODX Revolution 2.4.

Get Early Bird Tickets to MODXpo 2015

YJ Tso August 25

Tickets are now on sale for MODXpo 2015, hosted by Kochan & Partner in Munich, Germany this November 21st and 22nd.

Revolution 2.4 — Package Dependencies & More

YJ Tso August 19

The latest release of MODX Revolution is a minor version upgrade to 2.4.0. Patches to 2.3.6 are included, along with over 70 improvements.