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Announcing MODXpo 2015 November 21-22 in Munich, Germany

Jay Gilmore May 6

We’re proud to announce that the fourth, official MODXpo will take place on November 21 and 22 in Munich, Germany. Organizers are seeking suggestions for topics, applications from speakers and suggestions and offers for sponsorship. Save the date and join MODXers from around the world this November in Munich.

MODX Cloud Update April 17

Jay Gilmore April 17

It’s been some time since our last MODX Cloud update. We’ve been very busy improving the underlying technology in Cloud. We’ve added SPDY to the Dashboard, updated MODX to 2.3.3, updated the web servers and now you can download backups and Snapshots in one click and much more to come soon.

Accessibility Campaign Update #1

Jay Gilmore

We launched our fundraising campaign to make the MODX Revolution Manager accessible just over a week ago. Since then, we’ve had a wonderful response, with generous donors from around the world. To date we’ve raised a $29,523 including the $25,000 from The Ohio State University—just shy of 60% of our goal! Find out more.

MODX Co-founder, Jason Coward: Keeping MODX Relevant — Part One

Jay Gilmore February 12

MODX co-founder, Jason Coward, shares his ideas for MODX-next that embraces contemporary development principles in order to build a more flexible foundation. This is the part one of a three part series on laying the groundwork for a truly modern CMS.

Help Us Bring MODX to Everyone

Jay Gilmore February 6

MODX’s Core Promise Is Freedom

For years MODX has virtually owned “Creative Freedom”. If you can prototype how a website should work and look, MODX can power it—without question. It doesn’t impose design or structural limitations, empowering you with the freedom to create exactly what you wish, without compromising, making excuses, or hacking the core.

But there …

Revo 2.3.3—Over 40 Fixes and Improvements

Jay Gilmore January 29

Today we released Revolution 2.3.3. This patch release includes more than 40 fixes and improvements.

MODX Cloud Security Update: MySQL Password Reset

Jay Gilmore

Late last week we discovered a security vulnerability that could have potentially allowed an attacker to use a malicious PHP script to access and view MySQL passwords stored on the MODX Cloud platforms. We found no evidence of intrusion or access of this information. To ensure the security and to protect your websites we have regenerated new passwords and updated your software and MySQL databases.

Free Access to MODX Weekend 2014 Videos for All

Jay Gilmore November 26, 2014

Today, modmore, host of MODX Weekend in Zeist, the Netherlands, this past September, announced that they have neared their financial target and have made all 19 videos from MODX Weekend available, for free. Now everyone can dig into all the deep topics covered and get a taste of 2014’s only MODX Conference.

Agency Answers Why they Choose MODX over WordPress

Jay Gilmore November 18, 2014

The team at Yoto Creative answers the questions why they choose MODX over WordPress for their client sites.

Evolution 1.0.15 Important Security Update and 100+ Changes

Jay Gilmore November 6, 2014

This release of MODX Evolution includes more than 100 fixes and improvements. It also includes fixes for two critical security vulnerabilities.