Revolution 2.2.3—Fixes and Some Little Improvements

Today we released MODX Revolution 2.2.3. This release contains some under the hood adjustments and important bugfixes including Resource saving on multi-context websites.

Here are the highlights of the 2.2.3 release:

  • Add new friendly URLs setting to avoid forced 301 redirects to the actual URL
  • Corrected ability to edit Resources in contexts other than the default “web” context
  • Restricted users to the precise media source path setting
  • Fix issue with saving a new media source access on user group edit screen
  • Fix Resource quick update showing 2 checkboxes
  • Fix issue with add/decr output filter not adding 0 if 0 is passed
  • For more details read the Complete Changelog

If you’re using MODX Revolution and have not upgraded to 2.2, it has been one of biggest releases to date. With the Manager interface refinements, other additions including Media Sources and the release of the Articles add-on, now is the time to upgrade to this latest version. For details on the major features read the complete MODX Revolution 2.2 announcement for more details.

We encourage you to try out MODX Revolution 2.2 and share your experiences with others. Here are the important links to get you on your way:

MODX is only as good as it is because of many individual community members and users that take the time to report issues and request new features. Make sure you read the documentation, post feedback and share your successes in the MODX community forums.

If you are really interested in mastering MODX you can buy the book. MODX: The Official Guide by Bob Ray is available now.

On behalf of the entire MODX Team,

Jay heads up Customer Development and Delight at MODX. He started with MODX while running his small web development and marketing company and has a background in Marketing and Management. He lives with his wife Tracy and daughter Georgia in a small riverside town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.


  1. Menno Pietersen
    Jun 15, 2012 at 02:53 AM
    Great work, update went smooth as always.

    1. megaSteve4
      Jun 20, 2012 at 01:58 PM
      I have noticed a reference to 2.2.3 in this page ( with regards to improvements to the way CMPs are built.

      However I could not see any references to CMPs in the 2.2.3 release notes?

      Does anyone know if there were changes or if these will be in a future release - and if so how long?

      @The MODX team good work as always.

      1. Mark Hamstra
        Jun 20, 2012 at 02:18 PM
        That's for 2.3 (meaning 2.3.x), not 2.2.3 ;)

        The source of 2.3 is available in the git "develop" branch at the moment, in case you want to fiddle around with it.

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