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Now Open—MODX Club Moscow

Most people probably don’t know that Moscow is one of the top traffic drivers to MODX. When Nikolay Lanets, one of our MODX Ambassadors from Russia, approached me about starting a MODX Club in Moscow’s YoStudio anti-cafe specifically to help anyone at any level with MODX … let’s just say I was more than intrigued.

MODXpo 2012 attendees
YoStudio, Moscow. Photo credit YoStudio

Enter the Anti-Cafe

When Nikolay mentioned “anti-cafe”, my first thought was a co-working space. While that’s an apt description, anti-cafes bring a new twist on the subject by charging by the minute, and for very reasonable rates at that—wifi, projectors, work desks, meeting spaces, games, great coffee and good snacks all included.

Nick’s idea was that Moscow needed a central place to get help with MODX, and to have it open every week. Yes, every week. When we started floating out the ideas for Ambassadors—more on that next week—weekly was not exactly the frequency I thought would pop up first. Actually, weekly never even crossed my mind!

Starting Monday, January 28th, MODX Club Moscow opens at YoStudio. Whether you’re an end user with a question about how to use MODX, a hard core developer wanting to dig deep into xPDO, a newcomer looking to learn about MODX, or a site builder working with MODX Add-ons, you’ll find a welcome spot to learn about MODX.

I’d like to personally thank Nick for putting this together and encourage Moscow MODXers to stop by. Get the full details at

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