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3 Steps to Web Dev Nirvana

3 Steps to Web Dev Nirvana

3 Steps to Web Dev Nirvana

1. Use MODX

In less than 10 minutes, you can turn your static HTML into a dynamic, database driven website, with a suite of powerful PHP frameworks and libraries at your disposal. Watch the Markup to MODX video series here.

2. Optimize Your Codebase

MODX has a Need for Speed, and so should you. A fast, responsive website means happy users, happy search engines, happy clients and a happy pocketbook for you.

Check out these resources for taking MODX to the next level:

3. Contribute…and Feel Awesome.

Now that you’re a Ninja, impart some ninjutsu secrets on the Community that made MODX possible:

The road to Nirvana is paved with learning, giving, & working together. Wherever you are on the journey, the rest of the way begins with your very next step. Take it with confidence, because MODX is by your side, Sensei :)

YJ helps build and maintain some of the busiest sites on the Internet. A former home builder, he's also a published author and has over 60 Film & TV credits including Dr. Who, Antitrust (where he played an Open Source developer, go figure), The Arrow and even a few things he'd rather you not see.


  1. Mark Saragossi
    May 01, 2013 at 01:22 PM
    Excellent post YJ.

    Instructional and motivational too.

    1. YJ Tso
      May 01, 2013 at 09:06 PM
      Thank you! Good to hear :)

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