MODX Cloud—Platform Upgrades, SSL and More

Since our October MODX Cloud update, we've worked hard to make MODX Cloud more useful and invaluable for MODX developers and site owners.We hope you like what we've been up to.

Continuous Stability and Performance Improvements

Uptime has improved since our last updatw—a lot. Overall response times are improving even with adding new users and sites. Unlike some other major hosted platforms, we believe in our own product enough to host our marketing site in it. Yes, that means runs in MODX Cloud.

SSL Certificates

We're happy to announce the addition of support for SSL Certificates in MODX Cloud. SSL Certs can be used on production instances for secure (HTTPS) connections. There is no additional cost for serving sites via SSL beyond your purchase of a certificate—we're waiving setup fees for now. If you need an SSL Cert for your site, review the SSL certificate installation process to get started.

Usage Monitoring

In December, we introduced disk and Vault storage monitoring in your MODX Cloud accounts. Storage has always been an element of your MODX Cloud plan, however, we did not provided a straightforward way for you to see your usage. On the Vault and Clouds tabs of your Cloud Dashboard, you can now see a graph depicting the amount of space available and the percentage used, based on your plan.

Platform Upgrades and Additions

Our "stack" upgrades brought the latest stable releases of Nginx (1.4.4), PHP (5.4.24) and replacing MySQL Server with Percona (5.6). These upgrades not only make MODX perform better, but improve the experience and functionality overall. This also allows site builders to create and maintain sites with more a more robust toolkit.

In addition to the server software we added full crontab support for scheduling server actions So if you need to execute scheduled shell scripts or PHP jobs from the command line, now you can.

Work in Progress

In October we mentioned updates to the billing and reporting, improvements to exports and MODX API access via the commandline. We're actively working on these and as we near completion we'll be sure to let you know—it won't be long.

Try it Free and Help When You Need

Never tried MODX Cloud? Why not try it out for free? It makes developing, managing and hosting MODX sites, faster and easier than ever before. Of course, if you ever need help with MODX Cloud, you're always welcome to contact us or click the Help tab in the Dashboard.

Jay is the Director of Marketing and Communication. His mission is to spread and grow MODX through our amazing Community, our Partners, media and beyond. He spends a lot of time getting to know the people using MODX and how they use it.  Jay started with MODX while running his small web development and marketing company and has a background in Marketing and Management. He lives with his wife Tracy and daughter Georgia in a small riverside town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.


  1. Sal Baldovinos
    Jan 22, 2014 at 11:28 PM
    Keep up the great work w/Cloud! Super happy on my end.

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