MODX Revolution Now Available in BitNami Installer Library

MODX Revolution is now available as a BitNami installer package. Bitnami provides the latest versions of your favorite applications, tested and optimized for the deployment environment of your choice, and now, this includes MODX Revolution. You can install a completely self contained version of MODX without needing to know how to even set up a webserver.

Thanks so much to our always enthusiastic MODX community, we handily won BitNami's monthly contest. Now MODX is available in more places for more people.

Jay is the Director of Marketing and Communication. His mission is to spread and grow MODX through our amazing Community, our Partners, media and beyond. He spends a lot of time getting to know the people using MODX and how they use it.  Jay started with MODX while running his small web development and marketing company and has a background in Marketing and Management. He lives with his wife Tracy and daughter Georgia in a small riverside town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.


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