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MODX Cloud Update July 23

Jay Gilmore July 23

MODX Cloud received important UX and underlying stack updates ahead of some major new feature rollouts. Coupled with a migration from PHP 5.4 to 5.6, this paves the way for the future of MODX Cloud. Also, the results are in for the MODX Cloud data center expansion survey. Read more to find where we’re headed next.

New in Cloud: Faster Sites and Better SEO through https

Jay Gilmore July 1

If you build sites served via SSL—and you should—you can now test them in MODX Cloud, on the house. Doing so makes your sites faster, can improve security and visitor perception, and can even boost your search rank, too.

Revolution 2.3.5—Drag and Drop Tree Menu Fix

Jay Gilmore June 25

The Revolution 2.3.5 patch release follows the release of 2.3.4 two days ago. It corrects a bug with sorting the Resource tree via drag-and-drop.

MODX Cloud Update June 25

Jay Gilmore June 25

We’ve continued improving the underlying technology in Cloud ahead of some exciting new capabilities coming later this Summer. We’ve improved the documentation, made the Dashboard faster to work with, updated to the latest MODX releases including 2.3.5, updated the web server stacks and more. You can also now enable Two-factor Authentication (2fA) for MODX Cloud Dashboard logins, improving security and keeping your data safe.

Revo 2.3.4—Manager Interface Refinements and a Little More

Jay Gilmore June 23

Today we released Revolution 2.3.4. This patch release includes two dozen fixes and improvements.

Announcing MODXpo 2015 November 21-22 in Munich, Germany

Jay Gilmore May 6

We’re proud to announce that the fourth, official MODXpo will take place on November 21 and 22 in Munich, Germany. Organizers are seeking suggestions for topics, applications from speakers and suggestions and offers for sponsorship. Save the date and join MODXers from around the world this November in Munich.

MODX Cloud Update April 17

Jay Gilmore April 17

It’s been some time since our last MODX Cloud update. We’ve been very busy improving the underlying technology in Cloud. We’ve added SPDY to the Dashboard, updated MODX to 2.3.3, updated the web servers and now you can download backups and Snapshots in one click and much more to come soon.

Accessibility Campaign Update #1

Jay Gilmore

We launched our fundraising campaign to make the MODX Revolution Manager accessible just over a week ago. Since then, we’ve had a wonderful response, with generous donors from around the world. To date we’ve raised a $29,523 including the $25,000 from The Ohio State University—just shy of 60% of our goal! Find out more.

MODX Co-founder, Jason Coward: Keeping MODX Relevant — Part One

Jay Gilmore February 12

MODX co-founder, Jason Coward, shares his ideas for MODX-next that embraces contemporary development principles in order to build a more flexible foundation. This is the part one of a three part series on laying the groundwork for a truly modern CMS.

Help Us Bring MODX to Everyone

Jay Gilmore February 6

MODX’s Core Promise Is Freedom

For years MODX has virtually owned “Creative Freedom”. If you can prototype how a website should work and look, MODX can power it—without question. It doesn’t impose design or structural limitations, empowering you with the freedom to create exactly what you wish, without compromising, making excuses, or hacking the core.

But there …