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Your Website Just Got a Promotion

Ryan Thrash November 16

Building and maintaining sites correctly is hard. Best practices say you need a separate environment for experimentation, approval and content development to minimize mistakes. But figuring out how to get from Staging to your live Production site is out of reach for most. That is, until today…

MODX Cloud Update November 13, 2015

Ryan Thrash November 13

We continue to add new features and improve functionality requested by MODX Cloud users. We are excited about the recent launch of Flex Clouds, making MODX Cloud a great place to host nearly all your projects. In addition, we’ve updated the dashboard menu and, based on a great request, now hide your SSH and MySQL credentials by default, for better security. Check out these great changes and much more.

More Flexibility for your Projects in MODX Cloud

Ryan Thrash November 4

Many customers told us how much they love the speed, stability and performance of MODX Cloud for MODX Revolution, but they wanted other PHP apps without workarounds, too. Today, the wait is over. We’re excited to introduce Flex Clouds.

MODX Cloud Update October 20, 2015

Ryan Thrash October 20

MODX Cloud is giving some overdue attention to accountants and bookkeepers. We hope to make our number-crunching friends’ jobs easier with a new billing system and plans that bring detailed consolidated invoices, lower prices and increased storage. Subscribers on the old billing platform can elect to migrate to the new plans today, but for those already there, your next invoice will be lower, with at least double the storage space. It’s our way of saying “thanks”, and giving you more room to work ahead of the coming new features.

How To Get Pagespeed Insights Score of 97 in Under 25 Minutes

YJ Tso October 7

A screencast tutorial demonstrating—in real time—an example workflow to optimize a page with a middling score on Pagespeed Insights, to 97/100, using only freely available MODX CMS tools.

MODX Revolution 2.4.2—Bug Squashin' UI Fixin' Goodness

YJ Tso October 6

The latest release of MODX Revolution squashes some bugs and better-fies the MODX Manager UI, including the most recent version of FontAwesome.

MODX Revolution 2.4.1—Updates & Fixes

YJ Tso September 23

On special today is the MODX Revolution CMS version 2.4.1, marinated in an xPDO sauce, with a side of PHPMailer.

MODX Cloud Update September 21, 2015

Ryan Thrash September 21

We’re constantly working on features and functionality requested by MODX Cloud users. Along with some other tweaks, we’re especially happy to offer more insight into what we’re working on, and to give users more direct access to influence its future. Read more for the complete details.

Migrating Your MODX Site

YJ Tso September 21

This tutorial explains the best practices to maintain data portability in MODX and how to migrate a site from server to server.

MODX Cloud Update September 10, 2015

Jay Gilmore September 9

Hello Germany! MODX Cloud is now available in a Frankfurt data center alongside Amsterdam and Dallas. It also now allows you to restore backups to any Cloud instance, and received several minor UX, documentation and performance improvements. Read more for the complete details.