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Introducing the MAB: Leading the MODX Revolution

Ryan Thrash September 28

Since the MODXpo in Munich last year, a lot of diligent work and discussions have been occurring behind the scenes. Today we’re happy to announce a formal advisory board and governance model inspired by other successful Open Source projects. It is the right time, and a great step, in taking MODX to the next level.

How to Use Google AMP Cache as a Free CDN

YJ Tso September 20

How to configure MODX CMS to serve Accelerated Mobile Pages, and leverage the Google AMP Cache for content delivery.

MODX Revolution 2.5.1—S3 Media Source Fixes and More

Jay Gilmore July 21

Revolution 2.5.1 is out now and contains improvements to the very popular, Amazon S3 Media Sources, a couple minor security issues and several enhancements to the Revo Manager interface. If you’re not yet using Revolution 2.5, now is the time to upgrade.

MODX Cloud Update May 12, 2016—Self-Serve SSL

Jay Gilmore May 12

Since our last update four weeks ago, we’ve been working hard to bring you self-serve SSL certificate installation. With SSL becoming more and more valuable, now all customers on our current plans can add and manage their own SSL certificates for their Cloud sites. Read the full announcement.

MODX Revolution 2.5—PHP 7, Performance and More

Ryan Thrash April 21

MODX Revolution 2.5 is now out and brings PHP7 compatibility, ability to have faster performance for anonymous users, improved Manager interface when accessing from mobile or tablet devices, enhanced accessibility and much more.

MODX Cloud Update April 8, 2016

Jay Gilmore April 8

We’re long overdue a MODX Cloud update, but it’s not too late. This update includes the new Add-ons tab, with access to new features, simplified custom domains pricing, and making SSL available on all plans. Read the full announcement.

MODX Revolution 2.5-RC2 Out Now, Help Us Ready it for Release

Jay Gilmore April 7

MODX Revolution 2.5 is soon to be released and today, we’ve released the second release candidate (RC2). There are dozens of improvements including PHP7 compatibility, accessibility and mobile user experience improvements and much more. Check it out. Try it out.

MODX Revolution 2.4.4—Fixed Output Filter Issue from 2.4.3

Jay Gilmore April 6

Revolution 2.4.4 is out now and contains a fix for a bug introduced in 2.4.3 that caused problems with output filters (modifiers). If you’re not yet using Revolution 2.4, now is the time to upgrade.

MODX Evolution 1.1—Dozens of Improvements and Over 300 Commits

Jay Gilmore February 29

February 29th comes just once every 4 years, and on this special day, MODX Evolution 1.1 has been published. This monumental release of this community-led project includes more than 300 commits by 21 developers and dozens of improvements and bugfixes.

MODX Revolution 2.4.3—A Variety of Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Jason Coward February 11

The latest release of MODX Revolution with mostly bugfixes and small user experience improvements.