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A New MODX User's Answer to "Why MODX?"

Ryan Thrash

Until recently Marc Jenkins hand not heard of MODX, despite being an experienced site builder. In his recent blog post he really captured the essence of MODX is really about and who it's for.

A Simple Guide to Packaging Themes

Jay Gilmore Mar 24

With the Envato's Most Wanted MODX Theme contest underway, we wanted to provide a simple guide for creating a MODX Theme package using the ThemePackagerComponent. For folks new to MODX, I've included instructions for installing it.

MODX Revolution 2.2.14—Enhanced Security, Package Uploads in Package Management

Jay Gilmore Apr 04

Revolution 2.2.14 was released today. This patch release contains numerous fixes and improvements including further security enhancements relating to the fixes in 2.2.13. One nice little addition is the ability to upload transport packages directly from the Package Management interface, making it much easier to add packages from third party providers.

$10,000 Reward for Envato’s Most Wanted

Jay Gilmore Mar 19

MODX has teamed up again with Envato to launch Envato's Most Wanted contest to help grow the inventory of high-quality MODX Themes available at ThemeForest. More than $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. It's both a race and a contest!

Revolution 2.2.13—Fixes Critical Security Issue

Jay Gilmore Mar 07

Today we released MODX Revolution 2.2.13. This is a patch release that corrects an extremely critical security vulnerability.

Sass in MODX Cloud

Ryan Thrash Mar 06

One of the most important pair of technologies to come to Front-end development in the last few years is Sass and Compass. But unless you are a bit if a server geek, or you buy a third-party tool, starting can be intimidating or a pain. Today we make that a whole lot easier.

MODX Evolution 1.0.13 Brings More than 110 Fixes and Improvements

Jay Gilmore Mar 03

Today we released MODX Evolution 1.0.13. This is the fourth release by our Ambassador-led, Evo project team. It's a packed release including many updates to the included add-ons, the addition of new API methods and much, much more.

MODX Revolution 2.2.12 - Navigation Nag and PHPThumb Fixed

Jay Gilmore Feb 19

Revolution 2.2.12 was released today. It includes two bug fixes including one affecting the phpThumb library that ships with Revo. In addition, it eliminates the bug with the alert notifying users to confirm navigation to prevent losing unsaved changes.

Creative Freedom in a World Full of Themes

Ryan Thrash Feb 06

Not everyone is a talented designer, and project timelines and budgets sometimes rule out launching a completely custom site. The solution: MODX themes now available at ThemeForest, the world’s leading provider of professionally designed website themes.

What (Also) Happened Next Was We Migrated Issues To Github

Ryan Thrash Jan 31

Did you know that MODX Revolution began in 2006? Didn't think so. And honestly, I had forgotten until I pulled up the contributor graph in our recently-completed migration from Redmine to Github to track Issues. Here's how we're using GitHub to manage the Revo project.