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Creative Perspective: Oliver Haase-Lobinger

Jay Gilmore April 11, 2013

Oliver Haase-Lobinger of Cologne, Germany has been delivering a wide variety of design and creative work including cinema artwork, web development and design for more than a decade. He’s a proud MODX Ambassador and a longstanding member of the MODX Community. Get to know him a little in this instalment of our Creative Perspective series.

Creative Perspective: Mike Lannen

Jay Gilmore May 31, 2012

Burlington, Vermont’s, Mike Lannen, started Eternity Web from his college dorm and 12 years later boasts multiple offices and a highly skilled team. He shares why he feels there’s “there is always a solution in MODX!”

Creative Perspective: Gauke Pieter Sietzema & Sipko Groefsema

Jay Gilmore April 5, 2012

Developer GP Sietzema and Art Director Sipko Groefsema share why with MODX they’re “free to create anything [their] crazy minds can come up with.”

Creative Perspective: Patrick Ortman

Jay Gilmore April 5, 2012

LA’s Patrick Ortman is an innovator who feels the MODX community its most valuable feature, shares his witty perspective of himself and his work.

Creative Perspective: Anne Miles

Jay Gilmore April 5, 2012

Louisville, Kentucky’s Anne Miles shares her thoughts on the purpose of design and the indispensable power of MODX’s Template Variables.

Creative Perspective: Nick Crossland

Jay Gilmore April 5, 2012

Sheffield’s Nick Crossland shares why he uses MODX, talks about his work and more in this post from our Creative Perspectives series.