MODX is here to help you create amazing experiences on the web.

Our Story

In 2004, the Ryan Thrash, Raymond Irving and Jason Coward had a serious itch to scratch. They wanted to build websites using only CSS and semantic HTML, and for it to be easy to protect content behind a login. As it turned out, no Open Source Content Management System (CMS) existed that ticked all the right boxes.

So we built it, and shared MODX with the world.

With its first public release in early 2005, you could have powered a mobile responsive website with MODX using pure HTML5/CSS3—years before other platforms caught up. Just like today you can build sites and leverage whatever comes next.

Today, we remain true to our founding principal of letting people build and communicate exactly how they wish. No arbitrary platform restrictions, structural compromises or scaling limitations getting in the way. Just you, focusing on building amazing sites, communicating and converting.

We call this “Creative Freedom”, and it is fundamental to our purpose of helping people create amazing experiences on the web.

Since MODX’s initial release in 2005, people have downloaded and installed it millions of times. It powers more sites than we can count. Landing pages to full marketing sites, multi-language intranets to multi-site corporate portals, custom vertical platforms to powering data feeds for native iOS apps, MODX users have created amazing solutions that help them engage their customers, staff, visitors and users, exactly as they wish.

MODX exists to help organizations and the Community that choose MODX.

The Leadership Team


Ryan Thrash

Co-founder & CEO

Ryan works on business development, strategy and helping the team succede. He’s been involved with online communities since the mid-80s—dial-up BBSes and AOL, anyone? His passion for intuitive technology that just works, plus a healthy disdain for administrivia, fuels his focus on UX and simplicity.


Jason Coward

Co-founder & Chief Architect

Jason recalls transforming marketing data for tech giants like Cisco and Sun into something useful in the 90s. He created xPDO, the foundation of MODX Revolution, in 2007; Siphon, the magic behind MODX Cloud, in 2010; and, eagerly awaits revealing Teleport and Cast, the foundation of what comes next.


Arles Wells

Director of Operations

Arles uses his accounting background to cross Ts and dot Is. His inner geek, as former CIO of a $130M multi-national System Integrator and Digital Agency, provides the background and experience MODX needs to manage the reporting, systems and execution plan which ensures its sustainable growth.

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