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MODX (the company) in Brief

  • Project started 2004
  • Has two Open Source content management platforms: MODX Evolution and MODX Revolution
  • MODX Evolution (“Evo”) was first released publicly in 2005
  • MODX Revolution (“Revo”) is a complete rewrite of Evo that saw its first stable release in 2010
  • Both Evo and Revo are actively maintained and developed and are each used by tens of thousands of users to power hundreds of thousands of websites
  • MODX, LLC, was founded in May 2010, is privately held and headquartered in Dallas, TX
  • Operations are supported by employees and contractors in the US (Dallas, Portland, Taos), Canada (Nova Scotia, British Columbia) and England
  • User and Developer Community of more than 42,000
  • Downloads of the core software surpassed 2,000,000
  • Active International communities and translations in more than 20 different languages
  • The largest geographic market for MODX is the United States, but it only represents < 20% of all website traffic globally

The Applicable Alphabet Soup (What is MODX)

MODX is a content management platform, equal parts PHP application framework and Content Management System (CMS).

MODX excels at Web Content Management (WCM) and Content Management Framework (CMF) duties.

Our History in Brief

Born out of the frustration of working with tools that restricted design choices or that were difficult to use, MODX was built as a solution for the needs to help us build better solutions for our clients:

  • Provide a simple template system that can incorporate standards-based (X)HTML/CSS and not inhibit design in any way,
  • Help users quickly build login-protected site content,
  • Create a sensible, robust and extendable API,
  • Should organize content in a logical and understandable manner,
  • Avoid the tortuous or extended learning curves found in many other CMSes, and
  • Work equally as well for a simple marketing website and for more complex applications.

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In the News

MODX: Is It The Right Choice For Your Website?

Today, we shall be taking a look at one such Content Management System: MODX. Before we begin, allow me to be clear: MODX is neither a “minnow” or a “newbie” in the CMS world. It has its own loyal following, a huge community and user base and a properly documented code. It powers numerous organizations’ websites and has its own cloud solution, organizes a MODXpo (as opposed to WordCamp), and does a lot many other things that you’d expect from a full-fledged business organization.

A Catalyst for Success: MODX Cloud

One of the superstars and soon-to-be graduates of Catalyst is MODX, and they have an incredible story. MODX has become leading web content management platform (#4 open source PHP CMS globally) by providing designers, developers, content creators and Unix nerds with all the tools they need to manage, build, protect and scale a web site.

Open Source CMS MODX Launches Cloud Service

Today open source content management company MODX is launching a hosted cloud service to commercialize the product, much as Acquia and have done for Drupal and WordPress.

MODx Revolution 2.0.5 is released

As yesterday's press release mentioned, MODx Revolution 2.0.5 has been publicy released. I thought I would briefly focus on some of the specific changes in this minor release update from the MODx team.

The MODx Revolution 2.0 Interview

In late July, MODx Revolution 2.0 was released. Before the project's release, I interviewed though email Ryan Thrash, CEO and co-founder of the MODx project, as well as Jay Gilmore. In a joint response, they graciously answered some of my questions about MODx. Below are my questions and their responses from our MODx interview.

News Releases

MODX Revolution 2.1 Released

The first major update to MODX Revolution adds Microsoft SQL Server support, major performance and caching improvements and much more.

MODx Revolution 2.0 Released

More than 3 Years of Work Reinventing our Classic Code Base

MODX Evolution 1.0.4

Keeps your website site secure and offers over 48 fixes and updates.

MODX Revolution 2.0 RC-2

Over 100 bugfixes and Improvements in MODx Revolution 2.0 RC-2

MODX Evolution 1.0.3

Open Source MODx Content Management System Serious About Site Safety