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Download Distribution

Revolution 2.2.2-pl Standard

Release Date: May 02, 2012
Downloads: 23,672

Revolution 2.2.2-pl Builds

Traditional – 8.1MB *
Traditional   20,783 downloads

For this build, you can simply extract the files to your server and follow the Basic Installation guide to install MODX. Most users should choose this version.

Advanced – 5.8MB
Advanced   2,829 downloads

These packages are slightly less than half the size of the "Regular" downloads, since the "core" contents are compressed. MODX Setup will try to unpack or "build" this package during install. It's recommended you only use this if you plan to move the core, manager or connectors directories, and you have SSH access and are familiar with making folders writable.

* Unless you need to customize an install e.g., changing the Manager location or name, download the Traditional version. Learn more about custom deployments with the Advanced build.