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  1. Anti-Spam Email Plugin 1.2.0 | Author: Fusion Studios

    Automatically encodes all email addresses in your site to unicode, this removes the plain text string of your email address from the source code, making it very hard to find. It is believed that this will stop spam-bots being able to find your email address, but is not guaranteed.Allows use of `?subject=Enqury` email strings. eg. ``


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  2. Easy Newsletter 0.3.0 | Author: flux

    Easy NewsletterWith Easy Newsletter you can create newsletters, handle subscribers within the manager and let visitors subscribe/unsubcribe themselves to your mailing list.Features:- Visitors can subcsribe and unsubscribe themselves from your mailinglist.- Subscription form can be in any document (webpage) you want.- You can edit and delete subscribers.- Create, edit and delete newsletters in HTML…


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  3. TXNewsletters 0.9.0 | Author: FranckT

    Features:---------For users - Subscribe to multiple newsletters - They can update their subscription to newsletters or unsubscribe - Access to archived newsletters from the websiteFor managers - Create newsletters as easy as MODx content pages - Send newsletters to subscribers with filtering capabilities (like interest or location for example) - Display subscribers with filtering and sorting capabilities…


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  4. TE Mailer 1.5.0-rc1 | Author: transeffect

    Used to send bulk email/email newsletters (but not spam!) from within MODx. Created specifically with newsletter mailing in mind. It will mail out a MODx page as a newsletter.


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  5. Modx Gestion Mailling List OVH 0.1.0-beta | Author: jacxof

    Ce module permet de gerer les listes de diffusion de votre compte chez l'h?bergeur OVH. - Il manque ces lignes ? la proc?dure d'installation : Aller dans l'onglet configuration Copier cette ligne dans "Configuration du Module:" &nic=Identifiant;string;NIC &pass=Mot de passe;string;mot de passe &domain=Domaine;string;Votre domaine

  6. FormBuilder 1.1.0-rc1 | Author: ministrycrm

    Dynamically build forms through the manager.


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  7. form2report 1.0.0-rc1 | Author: homer8173

    Convert EFORM forms to EFORMS reports. No more variable misswritten. Save time with form2report.

  8. Newsletter 0.2.0 | Author: Djamoer

    Name: Newsletter (Improved version from Luca Allulli)For: MODx cms ( Newsletter Snippets to send modx documents or plain text to web users groupsVersion: 0.2bWritten by: Wendy NoviantoCreated: 1/18/2006Modified: 1/19/2006


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  9. SendToaFriend 0.2.0 | Author: laurentc

    need the AddpopupLink snippet (included in the pack)


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  10. ObfuscateEmail 0.9.1 | Author: Aloysius Lim

    This plugin searches for all email addresses and "mailto:" strings in the html output, both inside and outside href attributes. In other words, it also encodes link text.It can find all common email addresses as specified by RFC2822, including all unusual but allowed characters. Any email addresses that satisfy the following construct will be detected (those parts of RFC 2822 that are ignored by this…


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