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  1. amazonSES mailing list 1.0.0-rc2 | Author: sumoborac

    Amazon SES mailing list is mailing list based on Amazon Simple Email Services. With the cost of $0.10 per thousand emails the Amazon SES are one of the most cheapest ways to send bulk messages without troubles of managing mail servers. 

  2. Eletters 1.1.0-beta3 | Author: jgulledge19

    Eletters, formally GroupEletters, is a Addon for MODX Revolution that allows you to create & send beautiful email campaigns within MODX!  You can now take advantage of MODX advanced template features to create custom eletter templates.  Easily manage lists & subscribers and allow subscribers to manage their own preferences.  Personalize your emails with some default placeholders.


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  3. virtuNewsletter 2.0.0-beta1 | Author: goldsky

    A newsletter system for MODX Revolution.The cron file is web-accessible, means that it can be used for 3rd party cron service outside of the origin web host.The email templates use Resources, so they can be easily edited by non-techy manager users. This makes it easier to avoid messing up the HTML codes in the chunksThe documentation is in here…


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  4. Chimpx 0.0.1-beta1 | Author: romain

    Chimpx is a MailChimp integration with MODX Revolution.Feel free to report bugs & request features at:


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  5. sendGrid 1.0.1-pl | Author: gelstudios

    This will send emails via sendGrid. Get a free account to route up to 400 emails per day. This is meant as a replacement for formItAutoResponder, albiet currently with less options.Created due to certain mail services sending authorised mail to spam, Regardless. Highly annoying! Ensure that your visitors get your autoresponders/emails by sending through sendGrid.Free to use by anyone - Donated to the…

  6. Formbuilder 1.0.0-beta | Author: thierryv

    Formbuilder is made for webdevelopers who use ModX as a CMS, and who let their customers use it to maintain their website.With Formbuilder a webdeveloper does not have to manually create all the forms on a website, customers can just do it themselves through the manager.In other words: Formbuilder is a very easy to use module that lets users who have no experience with HTML or PHP what so ever, create…


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  7. SpamGuard 1.5.0-pl | Author: debussy

    Protect email addresses in mailto links from spam bots with JavaScript.This script generates <a> tags that are devoid of email addresses. When a user clicks on the link, a JavaScript generates the mailto link and then forwards the user to it. The @ symbol is never used, and under the most secure method (using a default email domain) the email username (what comes before the @ symbol in the address)…


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  8. emo 1.5.4-pl | Author: jako

    E-Mail Obfuscation with Javascript.

  9. ConstantContact 1.0.0-pl | Author: bobray

    This package includes a plugin, property set, and one new System Event (OnCustomerOrder).The plugin allows you to add a contact to an email contact list at Constant Contact.