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Doc Finder Module 1.0.0

Doc Finder Module 1.0.0

Released Apr 05, 2008 by
At some point big MODx sites are difficult to handle with the document tree in the manager. Or you just want to check all the documents, chunks or snippets of your site containing a specific text? And then replace that by another text? Then Doc Finder is for you.

Doc Finder offers a fast Ajax powered search and replace for the manager with neatly arranged results and one click edit function.

  • Ajax powered results loading.
  • Remembers your search options for the whole session.
  • Search in documents and all resources.
  • Edit, view or open a document with one click.
  • See the position of the document in the document tree.
  • See in which TV the search string has been found.
  • Use AND, OR, NOT or ALL in your search.
  • Use regular expressions for your search.
  • Search in all TVs or just in specific ones.

See Doc Finder in action at
Login: demo_user / demo_user

  • PHP 5
  • PHP short open tags enabled (short_open_tag = 1)
  • MODx running with UTF8 encoding.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 40kb (696 downloads)
Downloads: 5,965
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Ajax powered search for the manager.

Installation Instructions

  • Copy the folder docfinder to /assets/modules/.
  • Open the Modules > Manage Modules in the manager.
  • Create a new module called Doc Finder 1.0.
  • Insert as module code:
  • Save the new Doc Finder module.
  • Reload the manager to make Doc Finder appear in the modules section.

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 2 Contributors 5,983 Downloads
1.6.0-final Apr, 08 2010 bogdanio 868
1.5.1 Dec, 01 2008 Bogdan G?nther 515
1.5.0 Sep, 14 2008 Bogdan G?nther 658
1.2.1 Jun, 23 2008 Bogdan G?nther 790
1.2.0 Jun, 16 2008 Bogdan G?nther 545
1.1.0 Apr, 19 2008 Bogdan G?nther 662
1.5.2-final Dec, 31 1969 1,249