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FoxyCart Inventory 0.1.0

FoxyCart Inventory 0.1.0

Released Jun 05, 2007 by
This functionality comes in two pieces:
  • XML Parser: FoxyCart can be configured to send an encrypted XML file to a URL of your choice. The first snippet parses that XML and decreses inventory as necessary, based on configurable "product code" and "inventory" TVs.
  • Add to Cart Link: A very simple snippet that checks a document's inventory TV value and outputs an "available" or "unavailable" chunk, based on inventory being >0 or not.

FoxyCart loves MODx. Download 15kb (3095 downloads)
Downloads: 3,095
License: Other
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Adds simple inventory management for MODx sites using

Installation Instructions

Instructions are in the file snippet.FoxyCart_Inventory.php