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We help people migrate to MODX, build MODX sites that scale well, craft custom functionality for MODX projects, and put MODX into the Cloud.

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Why Hire MODX

We frequently bring our expertise to in-house MODX teams. We help with performance tuning, optimization, multi-server deployments and scaling. We also regularly help with infrastructure planning, consultation and creating custom Extras. More often than not, we do projects with other MODX professionals around the world, tackling tough migrations and sticky development challenges.

If you need a brilliant design or marketing strategy, we’re not your team—but we can connect you with MODX Professionals in those fields. If you need a rock-solid site built and supported by the team with a decade of history in MODX, call us and let’s make your MODX project a success.

Work with our Awesome Team

MODX is not my first CMS. I can safely say you guys are rock stars and I can see MODX being the long term solution. —Mitch Wilson, Sports Chat Place, Chicago

Fully Managed Web Content Management

Your job is to communicate. And you want to do it exactly how and when you want to do so. You don’t need your platform (or people) getting in the way. And you sure don’t want to have to worry if you have a campaign coming up that will drive a huge spike in traffic. Thanks to the team behind MODX, you can leave all those worries behind.

We help organizations migrate to MODX, create publishing workflows that fit their governance policies, manage multi-site and multi-language properties, keep everything up to date and secure, and put the right infrasture in place to handle any level of traffic. Whether done in conjunction with your IT department or as a standalone project, MODX can free you to focus on the messages and creative that leads to your online success.

Help Manage My MODX

The #MODX team is AWESOME! Their helpfulness/support is like no other. Certainly don’t get that w/ other CMS’s. Thanks guys! —Lee Brinckley, LeapFrog Solutions, Washington, DC

Commercial Support

We love to keep MODX projects running right. With tailored options for commercial support and maintenance, backed by an SLA, you get the peace of mind that comes with working directly with your software vendor.

If your site is not working as expected, consider hiring us for quick fixes, security patches, blocked logins, installs, upgrades and site audits.

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Commercial Support Client Success


Sports Chat Place

Optimization, Performance

Sports Chat Place was suffering from its success. Heavy traffic and increasing visits were taking a toll on their servers. MODX optimized key parts of their site and reduced load spikes (which slowed response times) by over 100x. went from being on the injured list to back in the game, performing at its best for its fans.


BlueCross BlueShield

Consulting, Planning

BlueCross BlueShield of Mississippi runs important healthcare websites on MODX. With stringent server access policies, they hired MODX to help plan how to approach specific coding tasks in-house, to advise on upgrades, and to help diagnose the occasional website flu. MODX provides the insurance to keep their websites healthy.


Custom caching, High-Performance, a mens lifestyle magazine site, needed to feel confident about their expected 2-million visits … a day. For faster page delivery, we helped them with custom caching code —which was integrated into the the MODX core—and they’ve since grown their traffic even more. MODX helped make a Complex site simple to manage.

Custom Development

We collaborate with agencies and organizations on their MODX projects. If you need custom MODX solutions, backed by the team that invented the software, we’d love to help you win.

Tell us About Your Project

Custom Development Client Success

Dell Design Library

Faceted Search, Custom Publishing Workflow

Dell looked to MODX for assistance developing a folksonomy-based, faceted navigation for its internal branding design pattern library, the Dell Design Library. It also needed to incorporate publishing workflow and versioning. The first site rebuilt using the guidelines in the Dell Design Library not only won awards, but it also converted more customers.

The Green Party UK

Migration, Multi-site, Consolidation

The Green Party UK requested our expertise to smoothly migrate more than 130 local constituency office websites into a single MODX installation, alongside their regional and national sites. Not only did they better maintain a consistent brand and message, but they also stopped seeing red from their former password management headaches


Custom Development

Corgancs needed to improve conversion for its topical analgesic product. MODX customized the account creation process to “auto-login” new users when they created new accounts. We also created an awesome, custom store locater for it’s 700+, mostly, Texas-based retailers, complete with intelligent suggestions for user locations.

MODX Cloud

MODX Cloud is an optimized platform for developing and hosting MODX projects. It makes accomplishing things that normally require a server geek, surprisingly simple—like moving from dev to production in a few clicks, and a whole lot more.

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The absolute power of having something like MODX Cloud available is so nice. It’s like they built it for me. :) —Sal Balvodinos, Astadia, Houston