Get Support for your MODX Projects

MODX is an Open Source project with a strong and friendly Community ready to provide help and support—gratis. But sometimes you need help from the experts right away. MODX has you covered thanks to our network of MODX Professionals around the world and vendor backed Commercial Support.

MODX Professionals

Only the best site builders, designers and developers make it onto the MODX Professionals map. They have proven and verified track records for the skills they advertise, and they deliver “amazing” to clients all over the world.

MODX Professionals around the world

Vendor-backed Commercial Support

While MODX Professionals are experts in their field and with MODX, sometimes organizations favor directly working with the software vendors. MODX can provide you with that level of support when you need it most.

MODX provides two levels of Commercial Support. Standard support ($150/hr) is typically addressed within 1-5 business days, while Emergency Support ($300/hr) provides you a guaranteed first-response within 2 business hours from 8AM-5PM Central US time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Both support levels start with a 2-hour block for new clients. This can be all that’s needed to investigate and resolve the issue. However some issues may take longer, in which case we’ll give you an estimate as soon as possible so you can decide how to proceed.

Get MODX SupportPurchase 2 Hours of Support

Just a heads up, you’ll need the following to complete the process:

  • Login details for the website in question (both for the MODX Manager and the server it resides on)
  • Website address (URL) of the site, the MODX Manager, and any server control panel
  • Paypal or major credit card to complete your purchase

If you need an ongoing Commercial Support agreement, we can help you with that, too. Just fill out the form in the sidebar and we will be in touch to discuss the options. Retainer-based support begins at $1500/month USD.

Community Support

If you’re looking for free support, the MODX Forum is the best place to connect with the most supportive community in the Open Source world. You can browse around without an account, but when you’re ready to start a new thread, or to add your thoughts to an existing one, you can create your own account for free here:

Pro tip: It is not uncommon to get great answers to any thread on the same day they are posted, but keep in mind it is free support and sometimes it can take longer. The best way to get awesome replies is to make sure your post contains all the relevant details, but is still specific and to the point. There is also a large amount of MODX Experts on Twitter, so feel free to share your thread with the #MODX hashtag to get more eyeballs on your topic.