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The MODX Digital Experience Platform gives you complete control over your creative vision and the experiences you deliver. Have peace of mind that your sites will be easily maintained, delivered with unparalleled performance and security, and that if you need help along the way, it’s there.






A Powerful Host For All Your Sites

Blazing Fast. Dead-simple MODX Upgrades, Testing, and Content Staging. GDPR Compliant with US, EU, and APac data centers. MODX Cloud is expertly tuned for MODX—and great for everything else.

Even before I signed up, the support team were on hand to help import the site using their import tool, which worked like magic. The hosting is fast and the administration interface is really nice.

I thoroughly recommend MODX Cloud to anyone who needs to maintain a MODX site.

Aaron Figg, Solentim

Aaron Figg, Solentim

The Ultimate CMS For You

Your content management system should never hold you back … or cause problems. MODX CMS supports your creative vision, with no restrictions and no compromise.

As a leading manufacturer for the entertainment industry, we chose MODX as being the most flexible and secure CMS. Our digital agency, STERC, continuously optimizes speed and conversion and they integrated with Exact Synergy to automatically deliver content to our site and sync users.

Marina Prak, Head of Marketing at Prolyte Group

Marina Prak, Head of Marketing at Prolyte Group

Global Options For Support

From enterprise maintenance to one-time emergencies, our global network of MODX Professionals and vendor backed support mean you’re never alone if you need help.

The team helped us across the board from Conversion Rate Optimization to Ad Spend. Their CRO efforts combined with smart ad spending and intelligent negative filters moved us from losing money, to it being a profit center. Our return on ad spend is now up to 122%, where we previously had been resigned to viewing our online advertising campaigns as a loss leader. We couldn’t be happier!

Allen Stalvey,

Allen Stalvey,

Power Up with MODX Extras

MODX extension, plugins and integrations built by the passionate MODX Community.


Visual drag-and-drop content authoring for MODX.

Build Intuitively

Manage your meta content for the optimal performance.

Crush Your SEO

The ultimate way to build blogs, PR pages, and more…

Group Your Content

Version your Content and Elements with roll back.

Version. All the things!

Quick and simple content search for your sites.

Search Done Simply

Custom images in Manager with resizing and cropping.

Optimize Your Images

Infinitely flexible tags and categories for your content.

Tag & Catgorize Away

Robust form processor with anti-spam and validation.

Master All Forms
Good News

Easy emails or newsletters for your MODX users.

Email Your Users

Create More, Maintain Less

MODX Cloud is for Creators.

Centrally manage all your sites, simplify your team's workflow, and focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

Ask About a Free Migration

MODX Cloud makes the tedious automatic and the complex simple.

  • Great for any PHP CMS or application
  • Best-in-class security & performance
  • Support & services from experienced developers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Nightly off-site backups
  • Dead-simple staging workflow
  • Automatic SSH key access