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Unlock your digital potential with MODX. Pair our open-source CMS with our managed hosting platform for unmatched speed, security, and collaboration. Skyrocket your success with captivating sites that convert. 🚀

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Supercharge your site with MODX

MODX is the ultimate platform for any digital experience. It combines the best of open source CMS, development frameworks, and managed cloud hosting. Blazing fast. Secure. Infinitely flexible. MODX helps you create, collaborate, deliver, and iterate with less complexity, compromise, and bloat.

Collaborate and iterate with website superpowers

MODX gives powerful collaboration tools to normal users, including industry-leading Backstage selective content staging. Multiple ways to stage content and roll back if you change your mind. You can manage your content lifecycle without needing server admins or DB geeks to help.

Aaron Ladage headshot

The interface is gorgeous and understandable at a glance, and the ability to capture versions and spin up ready-made Clouds allows me to manage clients’ sites and webapps in ways I couldn’t before.

Aaron Ladage // luh-day-ghee
A simplified illustration representing the management interface for MODX Cloud hosting

Powerful fully-managed hosting for peace of mind

MODX Cloud pairs fully-managed secure hosting with expertly tuned platforms and adds amazing collaboration workflow for MODX Revolution. Free SSL, upgrading MODX, restoring automatic backups, content staging, cloning sites, and more are just button clicks away—no sysadmin required.

Kevin Spice

MODX support always goes over and above the expected whenever I need help. Probably the best support I have come across in my 25-year IT career.

Kevin Spice // Group Network Manager, Dawsongroup, plc
MODX Cloud hosting offers security, collaboration, speed, amazing support, platform maintenance, and global locations

Unparalleled security baked into the core

Most assume their web CMS is secure and don’t give it a second thought—until it’s too late. MODX is purposefully architected with security first in mind with a long track record as the most secure open-source CMS to back it up.

Simon Langham headshot

We can always rely on MODX for top-notch security, and the flexibility to meet the needs of every website we develop.

Simon Langham // Unumbox
Illustration representing the core advantage of MODX's security-first design

Customize content management to the job

Your unique digital experience deserves a CMS tailor-made for the job at hand. MODX gives you the most powerful access controls and customization of any CMS so each person can focus solely on the work that’s relevant to them. It’s like getting a custom CMS with proven security without hiring a team of developers to create and maintain one.

Mike Lanen headshot

Our digital agency loves MODX and most importantly, our clients find it far easier to use and maintain than other systems.

Mike Lannen // ETERNITY
Illustration of the MODX administrative view for content publishers Illustration of the MODX administrative view for a web developer Illustration of the MODX administrative view for site owners

Complete creative freedom and content control

Go from design to production using any markup, CSS framework, or Javascript you wish. With presentation, content, and functionality fully separated, making updates is fast and straightforward. We call this creative freedom—if you can prototype it MODX will power it with pixel-perfect precision.

Michael Snow headshot

MODX is the best platform I’ve found for custom websites. It saves us development time especially compared to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. I keep trying other CMSes but none fit my needs like MODX.

Michael Snow // Snow Creative
A collection of logos of web technologies and framworks that can be used with MODX

Blazing-fast dynamic websites without the bloat

The MODX template system with built-in caching gives you the ultimate flexibility to build exactly what you envision, from simple marketing sites to complex digital experiences—and have it perform. Free of slow spaghetti code, mixed markup and PHP, and fragile theme dependencies, MODX delivers blazing-fast websites that pass Core Web Vitals (CWV) with ease. It’s what you need to succeed.

Katharina Utsch headshot

I can build complete and beautiful websites with all the functionality I want without being handicapped like I was with WordPress. MODX websites are lightweight, fast-loading, and SEO optimized by default.

Katharina Utsch // Reikotec
Illustration demonstrating MODX website template parts

Open Source to the core since 2004

Commercial support and a global MODX Community are here to help if you need.


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