Our Mission, Vision & Values

The what and why that drives us to create great software and share it with the world.

Our Mission

The Ultimate Website Platform for Growing Businesses

MODX lets you create any web-based experience, any way you wish, uniquely tailored to your situation, without compromise. MODX can power anything you can envision or protype with pixel-perfect precision.

Our Vision

True Creative Freedom without Compromise

MODX enables site owners to exist in a world where everyone can succeed through tailored, high-performance, and easy-to-use digital communications and commerce solutions. MODX strives to help people express their true creative freedom without compromise.

Our Values

Respect. Ownership. Collaboration.

Our core values guide how we operate and treat customers, co-workers, and everyone else.


Customers at the Core

We make decisions to solve our customers’ problems—not for short-term gains or to keep up with competitors. Validate ideas with customers, not committees. Put customers at the center of decisions instead of yourself or your team. No matter your role, spend time weekly to understand our customers better than before.



We maintain a culture of respect. We are unique individuals with a variety of experiences, goals, and abilities. We respect each other, reject toxicity, help others learn, own our behaviors, and win together. When a problem arises, we go directly to the person who can fix it instead of complaining to someone who can’t.

Feedback not Consensus

Avoid the Consensus Trap

We aim for exceptional, not average. We seek feedback to shape the best idea, not consensus (though it can result). Consensus often breeds watered-down ideas, slows speed, and average results. When a decision is made, we move forward as a team—even if we disagree we fully commit.


Continuous Improvement

Over time, small wins compound to help customers make massive leaps forward. We iterate to improve things across the board as often as possible. Perfection is impossible, but through cycles of collaboration, shipping, feedback, and reflecting, we can create exceptional solutions that help customers find success.