An illustration demonstrating the ability to have multiple content updates happening at the same time with staggered publishing to a separate production website

Selective Content Staging
For Everyone

Create content with your team without jeopardizing your live site. When any, or all, updates are ready, check them off and push a button. A few seconds later, your production site updates. That’s Backstage™, and it revolutionizes how you manage your sites.

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The ultimate staging to production workflow

Backstage™ selective staging is the ideal way to collaborate on content non-stop but only push what’s ready for production when you are. Content teams have wanted this forever, but it wasn't available. Until now.

Track all content changes

Pages. Chunks. Templates. And the images and media used on them. Backstage keeps track of everything so all you have to focus on is creating killer content that converts.

Dave Smoller headshot

Backstage has been a game changer for us. We can deploy site updates without worrying about missing pieces or publishing parts that aren’t ready yet.

Dave Smoller // Director, Web // Topgolf
Backstage™ helps you track and move all the parts of a staging site to a production site.

Work calmly and confidently

If you've been in the website game long enough, you’ve experienced that moment when you broke a site, deleted the wrong thing, forgot to copy something over, or worse. Backstage empowers you to confidently create content without fear of messing things up. If it looks and works right in Staging, it will in Production, too.

Ryan Thrash headshot

Backstage has totally transformed our content cadence for our very complex website. As a result we’re seeing much more organic search traffic. I am excited to share Backstage with MODXers and the world.

Ryan Thrash // Co-founder & CEO // MODX
A simplified illustration representing the management interface for MODX Cloud hosting

Easy for everyone

If you can work in the MODX Manager, you already have all the skills you need to be a content staging master with Backstage. No stressed-out sysadmins or too-busy developers in the way of getting important content updates written, reviewed, approved, and live.

Jessica Hearn headshot

Since switching to MODX Cloud, managing our four magazine websites is much easier. Our sites run smoothly, and if any issues arise, the MODX team helps us with a solution and gets us back on track fast.

Jessica Hearn // Global Marketing Co. Ltd
Illustration representing the simplicity of using Backstage and its users’ happiness

Advanced redesign workflows

Have a ton of web pages and frequent publishing schedule, but need to work on a site redesign? Backstage has your back! Set up all content to push to a redesign instance and a production environment. That way, your content is already in place when your redesign is done. 🤯

Jay Gilmore headshot

It's frictionless. Our team can have any number of site changes in stages of completion at any one time. We push the button once the team has signed off and changes are live in seconds. This page was pushed live using Backstage™.

Jay Gilmore // MODX
Backstage allows complex redesign workflows by sending content from a centralized staging area to the live site and to the redesign project

Designed to Help You Succeed

automatic backups

Track Everything

Backstage keeps a list of everything that changes—including images and media on pages and burried in Elements—so you don’t have to try to remember yourself.

one click upgrades

Publish Only What’s Ready

You can push any subset of content, while still working on things that are not quite at that stage.

auto-failover and HA

Forget Things, Too

If you decide something won’t make it to production, press the “Wait for next change” button. It disappears from the list until you update it again.

snapshots and staging

See Who Made Changes

Backstage shows you who made the changes so you can talk to colleagues about pending site changes.

optimized web servers

Increased Scalability

Working in Production can bog your site down with constant cache clears. Staging sites make that a thing of the past.

security first

Respects Permissions

Use the permissions built into MODX to control who can see Backstage and who can push changes to production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I used Backstage™ outside of MODX Cloud?

Unfortunately, no. It’s built on top of the core technologies and platform that powers MODX Cloud itself.

In that case, how can I move my website to MODX Cloud?

We want to make it as easy as possible to move to MODX Cloud. In fact, we’ll move your first site in for free. If you have more we can work out a deal or teach you how to move sites yourself.

How much does Backstage cost?

Backstage is surprisingly affordable. It costs just $10 or $25 per website depending on your plan—free for customers with Business plans.

Can I use Backstage with WordPress?

No. At least not now. If you’re super-interested in that, reach out and let us know.

Can you control who can publish content?

Backstage supports MODX ACLs and you can limit the visibility of the Backstage page and Dashboard widget to specific team members.

Can you roll back changes pushed to prodcution?

Not at this time, but it’s being discussed. You can use Backstage in conjunction with VersionX for rolling back changes to specific pages.