Marketers can take control of the brand and the message at the speed of todays business. Pixel perfect-branding, multi-channel management, SEO and easy to share duties with staff, contractors and hands-on clients.

By Jay Gilmore
August 26, 2010

Control Your Brand, Get Results

As a marketer, it's critical for you to be able to communicate when and how you wish. Sometimes there simply isn't time to call the web guys, or to wait for IT to finish battling malware and pulling reports.

With MODX, you are in total control.

Login, create or update content whenever and as frequently as you wish—from anywhere with an Internet connection and a web browser. It doesn't take days or weeks of training to learn how to manage content with MODX either. Within an hour or two you'll be rewriting bios, updating product descriptions, adding press releases, and blogging to your heart's content. (In fact, it's so easy, even your CEO could do it, but we'll keep that our secret.)

MODX is also a dream come true for your creative and marketing teams. There's no complex template system, or arbitrary limitations on how you structure your content or design your site. If your designer can create a mockup of how they want your site to look in HTML/CSS, then MODX can power it. No matter if it's the latest HTML5 or needs to integrate with other legacy properties.

Similarly, MODX gives you total control over every single bit of output on a site without having to know how to code. That means you get complete control for all aspects of your SEO campaigns—with precision and little effort. And if you change your mind later about where a page should reside or what its permalink should be, MODX can automatically handle the technical details of making those changes without you even having to give it a second thought, or knowing what should be done in the first place.

Support from the Source

With MODX, you're never on your own. You can get assistance when you need it from a variety of sources including regular monthly growing and friendly community that's tens of thousands strong.

Marketer Highlights

  • Build websites, get your message out quickly.
  • Add-on for Google Analyitics from within your site.
  • Quickly update content, create new content
  • Easy to use content editor
  • SEO Friendly, have all and any metadata, microdata and more. Human readable Friendly URLs. Alias locking.
  • Alias redirection so when the url of a page changes or it’s parent it’s always available and
  • Scheduled publishing and unpublishing
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple websites and all your microsites from one login
  • Multi-language web content
  • Quick to create new content
  • Unparalleled SEO capability
  • Forms