New Logo, Release, and More!

By YJ Tso
April 1, 2011
New Logo, Release, and More!

Today is a big day for MODX! We'd like to share some of the new things going on in MODX-land.

A New Logo

We here at MODX have always valued the importance of brand. However, we have felt that after 3 logos in the past 2 years, we simply have not yet hit the mark. After months of hard work, MODX is pleased to announce a brand new logo that we feel truly epitomizes the thought, vision, heart, eating habits, and ideals of the MODX ecosystem:


Yes, it's wonderful, is it not? We felt that the strong red colors emphasize our commitment to pure, unadulterated passion. The sun represents our continuing growth as a platform, and the smiley "X" is a great representation of the happiness of our customers.

A New Release

MODX has always been committed to making sure our products grow well into future technologies. MODX Revolution already, without modification, supports SASS, HTML5, and other technologies, as it stays out of how you want your content. But, there has always been one thing that MODX has lacked - while we can easily label our product future-proof, we simply could not call our product ancient-past-proof.

So, MODX is aiming for the Long-tail. MODX will release "MODX Devolution":

Whip It Really Good.

This new product is aimed at fully supporting the legacy stacks abandoned by other CMS solutions and builds on the vast Chinese market. Devolution will be aimed at and only support IE5.5, 6, Netscape 4.7, MS FrontPage and AOLOnline. It will be available for installation via 231 separate 8-inch floppy disks; or alternatively, a small dictionary of punch cards. Also, MODX is committed to support - we will have a whopping 3 separate landlines based out of Ohio open for support via your touchtone phone.

More Database Support

We've been working on MODX Revolution 2.1 furiously, and have announced MS sqlsrv database support in it. However, we felt this limited our array of options, and have decided to also support DBASE databases as well. We'll introduce new abstractions for "TO PRINT" statements, support for string evaluations, and - of course - CSV indexes of your .dbf files.

Exciting Times!

MODX is pleased to have a vast array of new things coming through the pipes in the next year, and these three announcements are no exception. We at MODX hope you will be as excited about these as we are, and look forward to a great 2011 with you!