Digital Agencies

If you create and manage your client's online customer experiences, MODX gives you the Total Creative Freedom, flexibility and agility you need.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: May 7, 2014  |  4 min read
Digital Agencies

Be a rockstar for clients, without looking like a poser to the industry.

If you create and manage client websites and online campaigns, MODX is the Content Management System and web application platform that takes you from concept to launch, faster, more easily and with unprecedented flexibility. You may not realize it yet, but you really do need MODX. But why?

MODX makes creating kick-ass sites simple, and gets out of the way of creativity.

No matter what you need to build for your clients—marketing sites, intranets, landing pages, lead generation, Facebook Pages, Social and more—MODX can handle it with pixel-perfect precision. You can build and manage anything from a single product landing page to corporate marketing website with regional sub-sites to consistently branded multichannel online properties. All from one, easy to use "Manager" interface.

Even more compelling, MODX supports all the latest technology and even what's coming next today. HTML5 is trivial for MODX—we can also confidently claim full support for HTML6 today (even though it hasn't been invented yet). If you have someone that can create beautiful HTML comps using jQuery (or any other JS library), then they already posses the skills to make MODX sites look exactly how they want them to look. There is no complex template system to learn because in MODX, your HTML/CSS/JS is your template.

You can even hand over select areas for clients to manage content while controlling the branding and user experience—and without worrying about them breaking things. Or, you can count on letting your internal client service teams take over the site, confidently knowing it'll take just an hour or two before they're completely confident to start editing bios, adding press releases, and blogging away.

You can even create a completely bespoke Manager for clients, so it will look like you've built a custom application just for them. MODX lets you leverage years of work by an army of geeks to deliver the perfect solution for your clients. You'll look like some sort of evil computer genius. (We hope you agree, that's a good thing.)

MODX also fits perfectly at the center of Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM, depending on which circle you're in) for smart organizations ready to shift toward a unified web experience in E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer service along with analytics, marketing automation, email marketing and search. Your clients can further leverage many other existing systems to repurpose existing content and assets in new ways.

Finally, MODX has your back at every step of the way. As a company, we're here to offer regularly scheduled MODX expertise and support via MODX Complete™ for Agencies. This lets you focus on maintaining client relationships and your strongest skills, while MODX fills in the gaps as part of a more complete and capable team. Grow faster and win larger, more profitable jobs without adding extra overhead. For your clients we stand behind the software with available 24/7/365 SLA-driven MODX Complete™ for Enterprise for full service ongoing assistance after launch.

Companies looking to adopt MODX as their online platform for clients can work toward becoming a MODX Professional. For your clients we stand behind the software with available 24/7/365 SLA-driven MODX Complete™ for Enterprise and support plans for full service ongoing assistance after launch.

Highlights for Digital Agencies

  • Total Creative Freedom™ to create engaging websites exactly as you envision that convert into results for your clients
  • Mobile, microsites, multi-language, product landing pages and Facebook pages, whatever is needed
  • Manage all your clients' sites, microsites, landing pages and other online properties from one Manager. Maintain control of branding and brand assets and collateral.
  • Hundreds of high-quality, ready-to-use Add-ons for most common site features like blogs, forums, eCommerce, events, news, form processors and more.
  • Intuitive, easy to use content management interface all done in a web browser whether managed in-house or shared with client staff.
  • Scalable and reliable to handle traffic and be available for critical campaigns
  • Design and implement your client’s site quickly using regular HTML/CSS and Javascript
  • Designed to get make developers and designers to deliver productively without restriction or frustration
  • Most Clients can learn to manage their own web content in less than an hour.
  • Content Scheduling and Publishing/Unpublishing for time-limited content or campaign launches
  • Multi-site management for everything from landing pages, microsites, regional websites and much more
  • Fine-grained permissionas allow you to share management with various team members and client employees or even other agencies and subcontractors
  • Google Analytics Add-on or easily integrate any other Web Analytics tool
  • Unparalleled SEO capability to maximize visits and conversions
  • Lead Capture forms can be integrated with email service providers like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, iContact and others and CRM platforms like Salesforce or SugarCRM and b2b lead generation tools like Marketo
  • Get better client results faster
  • Integrates well with your clients' other systems including other content management systems, enterprise content repositories like SharePoint and e-commerce systems.

Highlights For Digital Agency Clients

  • More of your money goes into the campaigns and creative rather than software licenses and development efforts.
  • Completely customizable manager that delivers a tailored experience for better content management and brand compliance.
  • Ready for the Future. MODX is ready for tomorrow's web technologies today.