MODX ideal choice in Web Content Management for companies large and small including well known brands like Dell, Hitachi, Bechtel and hundreds of thousands of smaller organizations worldwide.

By Jay Gilmore
November 1, 2011

Vendor Supported. Secure. Boardroom Friendly.

MODX is a business-ready professional Web Content Management (WCM) platform. It has become the ideal choice for companies large and small including well known brands like Dell, Hitachi, Bechtel and hundreds of thousands of smaller organizations worldwide.

It allows any organization to quickly build and deploy websites, intranets and applications to market their brand, engage their customers or employees and quickly see a return on their investment. Organizations get these benefits while maintaining the ability to add new features and functionality in the future. MODX is ready to go now, and ready to grow when you are.

MODX is a highly secure, well-tested software platform that is backed and supported by the team that created it in the first place and proven by hundreds of thousands of MODX-powered websites. You get the benefit of leveraging years of open source heritage with SLA-driven MODX Consulting. Your investment will be protected and grow seamlessly along with business.

Change is inevitable and as your business and web technology change, your website will be able to change along with you. Today it's mobile websites and Social Media, MODX is always able to handle what comes next. So when you hear your team talking about HTML5, CXM, schema.org or mobile-first design, you can rest assured MODX will support it or whatever else comes next—without having to start over from scratch. And when it comes time for upgrades, MODX has a proven history of making these as non-disruptive as possible.

Finally, MODX is fast to deploy, and easy to use for both technical and non-technical staff. One of the greatest challenges with CMS implementations in larger organizations is a failure for staff to adopt the technology. Unlike many "enterprise grade" web content platforms, MODX takes very little time to learn and is intuitive to come back to later. Within an hour or your staff can be blogging, updating bios, adding press releases, and creating articles—all without having to call in the IT department to make it happen.

Highlights for the Executive Team

  • Future Friendly: Handles tomorrows web technologies today
  • Get more out of your existing business technology by integrating and extending the tools that currently work well
  • Total Creative Freedom™ to deliver your brand, message or experience, the way your company needs—no matter what is required
  • Constantly improving and delivering releases that enhance productivity, performance and user satisfaction
  • MODX software has seen more than 20 releases and more than 1M downloads in since the project was founded in 2004
  • Faster development time as developers focus on your company's specific needs with no wasted effort
  • Extremely logical, intuitive and fully-customizable management system ensures internal adoption and accelerate a return on investment
  • Easy to use and requires little training for users, most can be trained in an hour or less.
  • Strong, mature leadership with vision driven product development
  • Comprehensive vendor delivered support and maintenance to protect and get the most out of your investment
  • Actively releasing new features and enhancements with seamless transitions from release to release.
  • Hundreds of thousands of MODX installations
  • Leverages our large and growing Open Source developer community for testing, innovation, and security while our product team firmly maintains the direction and vision of the software.
  • Secure stable foundation for you entire eBusiness
  • Build faster, add faster, leverage existing technologies; it works well with other applications