Web Developers2011-11-01

MODX makes it faster and easier to develop custom web sites and applications a rich tool to manage their projects without having to build it from the ground up.

By Ryan Thrash
November 1, 2011
Web Developers2011-11-01

Limitless Content Management Platform and PHP Application Framework

MODX is a content management platform and PHP application framework. It makes it faster and easier to develop custom web sites and applications through a powerful and rich "Manager" interface. Developers gain consistency and a rich tool to manage their projects without having to build it from the ground up each time.

MODX developers tell us they love the total creative freedom and no-limits architecture. You can take any design from idea to delivery with no restrictions and without unwanted markup. Say "yes" to nearly any feature requirement for clients through installing any number of high-quality Add-ons, or write your own using the MODX Revolution API. MODX allows you to build and deliver projects in less time with less code so you can focus on the specifics of your projects.

Whether you're supporting your client or you're going to hand them the keys and move on, MODX has your back. Support is available from a variety of sources including our large Open Source community, our over 90 MODX Professionals or directly from the team that brings you MODX from the MODX Complete™ maintenance and support plans and our MODX Consulting teams.

MODX Highlights for Web Developers

  • Total design freedom—You're in total control of every aspect of the output, so HTML5/CSS, mobile-first and responsive designs are easily achieved today. In fact, any design is possible to implement without you ever having to touch one bit of PHP in the front-end markup. (Think of it as MVC for templates/themes.)
  • Easy to use for your clients and their non-technical staff to manage sites from any modern browser.
  • Customize the Manager using Form Customization and API events to provide a custom experience for your client. (It's like getting a fully bespoke CMS for every project, straight off the shelf.)
  • High-quality, user contributed and core-team developed Add-ons for achieving most common tasks—all of which can be customized to suit specific needs.
  • Amazingly powerful SEO for clients
  • Clean, well documented OOP API
  • MODX doesn't output any code you don't explicitly tell it to.
  • Build and deploy a custom designed website faster than other Content Management software
  • Complete many tasks without ever writing a line of code.
  • Templates, Snippets, Chunks and Properties allow you do do more with less code and keeps things clean
  • Built in custom fields called Template Variables let you create infinite custom content fields with no coding
  • You focus on the unique project requirements and MODX takes care of the basics like authentication, permissions, content structures etc.
  • Join our amazingly friendly and collaborative development community; cited by many of our developers as one of the best features of MODX over any other CMS.