IT Managers

MODX can help you get more value from existing systems, enables both technical and non-technical staff to manage website content without burdening the technology team on a scalable, flexible, interoperable and secure platform.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: May 7, 2014  |  2 min read
IT Managers

Easy to Integrate. Leverage Existing Systems. Safe & Secure.

As an IT Manager you want to ensure the integrity of all the systems and that new applications or technology do not negatively impact today's constrained budgets. MODX is a Web Content Management (WCM) or content management platform that enables both technical and non-technical staff to manage website content in their areas of responsibility with little training and no aid from IT with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser.

More importantly, MODX plays well with your existing infrastructure, letting you use MODX on Windows or Linux servers, with MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

MODX is designed to consume APIs and Web Services to leverage your existing systems, allowing you to get more out of existing investments without extensive migrations. Security is baked into the core by ensuring all inputs are filtered via the application API and prepared statements protecting the core and the application data from SQL injections or XSS. MODX boasts an incredible track record of security and continually audits the software for potential issues.

MODX is high-performing, scalable and will grow with business demands. The expectation for website users is for fast loading no matter how many other people are using the site. MODX has built-in caching that puts performance as a priority and it can be extended and optimized to work in multi-server high demand environments or simply adding server side caching. MODX is designed to be extended and built on as a framework and maintain a seamless upgrade path for the future.

MODX has global network of MODX Solution Partners.

MODX Highlights for IT Managers

  • Secure core, filtered inputs and and impeccable security track record
  • Hackless extensibility for seamless upgrades
  • Easy to use for technical and non-technical staff
  • Vendor offered support and maintenance
  • Can get more out of your existing systems through integrations, APIs and web services.
  • Scales from low to high demand from a small site to large, high traffic multi server or clout applications.
  • Grows as business needs through extension and new tools
  • Doesn't limit output and can deliver any text based output required
  • Highly configurable Attribute Based Access Control for users
  • Can use external authentication such as LDAP.

Does MODX Sound Right for You?

Why not ask your creative team or agency about building your site in MODX or contact us about getting your site MODX'd.