Web Designers

MODX gives you Total Creative Freedom™ to deliver absolutely any design the way you or your client envisioned.

By Jay Gilmore
November 1, 2011
Web Designers

No creative constraints and no touching PHP … No kidding!

For Web Designers, MODX is the content management platform you've always wanted. It gives you total creative freedom to deliver absolutely any design the way you or your client envisioned. From the outset, MODX set a goal of letting creatives do whatever they want, without having to dive into code. And we achieved that goal and then some—MODX stays out of the way of you delivering powerful and rich designs completely free of markup or structural restrictions.

All you need to start is your HTML, CSS and any Javascript you may wish to include. Add some simple MODX tags and you're done. This means you can go from custom concept to markup to managed content faster than ever before. With 100% pixel-perfect precision, and no complex theming engine to tackle.

Additionally, many of the high-quality, ready-to-use Add-ons can be quickly downloaded and installed directly through the MODX Manager (it's back end control panel). This lets you quickly add functionality and features to a site without coding. In fact, many sites will never require looking at a line of PHP, simply because most MODX Add-ons let you fully customize any markup or designs (through the use of "Chunks").

Because MODX outputs only and exactly what a site builder tells it to output, you will always be able to work at the bleeding edge of web design and still be able to use legacy HTML and Tag Soup for things like legacy browser support or HTML Newsletters—which we all know are a lot of fun.

Highlights for Web Designers

  • MODX imposes no restrictions on creating and delivering your client’s vision.
  • Create anything you wish without writing line of code.
  • Markup your pages using HTML5/CSS3 and beyond or table-laden tag soup if you want to go old-school.
  • Supports any textual output including XML, JSON, CSV, ATOM and any other.
  • MODX tags make it dead-simple to do go from static HTML to managed content in minutes.
  • Clean separation of design and code. Lets you be the designer and become a better developer
  • Find, download and install add-ons directly from the manager
  • Allows you to work with web developers but not have them break your design or you break their code.
  • No complex theming layer or obscure template engine.
  • MODX was built to allow web designers to use the skills they have in HTML and not end up neck deep in PHP or obscure theme engines.
  • Easy to use Manager for your clients both technical and non-technical.
  • Clients can learn to manage their entire site usually in less than an hour.
  • Completely customize the manager to fit the content.