Beyond Blogging

What happens when you hit the wall with your blogging tool—like needing to manage multiple channels including your Facebook Page, or you have multiple departments, regions or languages?

By The MODX Team
December 13, 2011
Beyond Blogging

Over the last two decades, blogs and content publishing have gone from obscure hobbies to powerful, high-value tools. Blogging allows you to share ideas and start conversations.

Blogs also provide fresh, relevant content—search engine fodder that can provide exposure that previously required large marketing budgets.

Many start content publishing through well-known blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. They're ubiquitous and frequently recommended by friends or colleagues. It is certainly attractive to just pick a pre-made design and start publishing in minutes.

However, as soon as you are ready to truly make a blog your own or expand it into full business website, things can get complex. Blogging applications are designed to make it easy to post and manage your content; they are not, however, designed to easily allow custom themes without knowing how to code. Some don't allow customization at all beyond picking a few colors.

MODX offers a compelling alternative to trying to bend blogging tools into full blown content management platforms.

MODX is Designed for Designers

MODX lets designers to do what they do best: come up with amazing, gorgeous, usable ideas. Designing for MODX gives you total creative freedom so you're not stuck wading through PHP loops and includes. MODX puts you in control so anything you dream can be implement in MODX with refreshing ease and uncommon speed. In fact, if you know HTML/CSS and a little bit of jQuery (or any other JS library) you can create very complex designs in MODX without ever touching a single line of PHP.

Easier Brand Control

Digital agencies can control the entire brand experience and design with MODX—with entire websites, microsites and language versions controlled through a single login. Site templates for the blog or news section can be fully integrated into the site designs without having to managing a separate set of templates for a blog.

MODX Delivers from Day-One

Some popular blog platforms leave visitors waiting for pages to load. Worse, if an article gets shared by notable influencers visitors may even be greeted by cryptic error message about not being able to connect to a database. MODX delivers pages fast and performs well under higher traffic conditions by default. With MODX, you don't have to employ third-party caching systems to scale. You can even serve millions of pages a day with confidence.

You Don't Have to Start from Scratch

Articles for MODX Revolution lets you quickly import from existing MODX websites, WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. You're not forced to start over with MODX, and it's even easy to take your existing blog's HTML/CSS and create a custom MODX template in just a few hours.

Articles for MODX Revolution WordPress Importer

Everything you Expect and More

Articles for MODX Revolution delivers all the features you'd expect from a blog including tags, archives, RSS feeds, pings, comments, and media management. Coupled with MODX's easy templating, a beautiful and intuitive management interface, tremendous flexibility and power for developers and the ability to grow and scale along with your business.

Flexibility Means Less is More

Enhancing a MODX site is straightforward thanks to the hundreds of flexible Add-ons. MODX has always valued flexibility, so creating almost any type of dynamic site navigation can be accomplished with just a handful of Add-ons—compared to the hundreds or even thousands you have to wade through on other platforms. (Who has time for that?)

MODX is Secure

MODX has a great track record for securely serving pages. MODX is architected and tested to ensure security of the site and it's valuable content.

Why Use MODX for blogging?

If You are a Web Designer or Digital Agency and are...

  • Tired of hacking your current blog into a semblance of your original design.
  • Looking for better production workflows. MODX gives you a liberating Photoshop → HTML/CSS + JS → MODX without constantly looking up PHP functions.
  • Need to manage multiple web properties in one, intuitive, easy to use application.
  • Looking to ensure that when clients call to extend a site you don't have to rebuild or migrate to another system.
  • Tired of constantly patching up sites compromised by hackers.
  • Already using MODX—Articles for Revo gives you all you need and more!

All the Features You Expect from a Blog

MODX has everything you want for a blog and then some.

  • Intuitive and Customizable Manager—Anyone can quickly learn the MODX Manager. Developers can completely customize the experience for end-users to simplify and control access to areas editors don't need to see.
  • Write now, publish later—Create, edit and publish your posts when you want or when your readers are most likely to see it.
  • Multiple Authors—Have more than one person writing posts, create as many users with custom permissions to keep them out of the rest of your websites.
  • Multi-blog/Multi-site—Manage multiple blogs or sites like internal company blogs alongside public company-wide, departmental or divisions in one place.
  • Search Friendly, Customizable and Strict SEO URLs—Control URLs, meta tags, even employ Facebook Open Graph and or other microformats as you choose. Complete control of templates and custom fields make it simple.
  • Multiple Views—Latest posts, tagged, categories, archives and more.
  • User Registration—Visitors can register to comment or view non-public content.
  • Unlimited & Powerful Custom Fields—One of the most powerful MODX features is Template Variables (TVs). TVs allow any number of custom fields in almost limitless formats, including dates, additional content fields, images, links, geo encoded maps, color pickers, galleries, lists, checkboxes and more. These can be further transformed through Output Filters to change how they render on the front end.
  • Comment Spam Control—Keep out spam and unwanted input in your public comments with CAPTCHA, Bad-word lists, advanced post moderation and anti-bot/anti-spam systems like Rampart and BotBlockX.
  • Link Management—Link Lists, Blogrolls and more from the MODX Resource Tree or via Chunks.
  • Pinging/Notification—Get your site indexed by search engines by notifying services like Ping-o-Matic.
  • Auto Promote—Automatically Tweet and post to Facebook new articles when you publish them in MODX.
  • Feed Format Control—Syndicate your blog using RSS, XML, ATOM or JSON.
  • Web Standards Friendly—MODX's templates literally are any valid, standards-based HTML—we even already support HTML6 today.
  • Smart Typography—Automatically convert quotes, dashes and ellipses into their proper typographic equivalents via Smartypants Output Filter.
  • Easy Monetization—Insert Ad blocks like GoogleAdsense, banners and affiliate links without cumbersome management interfaces or multiple Add-ons.
  • Much More—MODX is so flexible that there is not much that can't be accomplished, often times using one of the hundreds of super-flexible Add-ons.