Users Rejoice! Welcome Dustin Walker to the MODX Team

By Jay Gilmore
March 19, 2012
Users Rejoice! Welcome Dustin Walker to the MODX Team
Dustin Walker

About a week ago I announced that well-known and super-helpful community member Mark Hamstra joined the team at MODX. This week, I have the honor and pleasure of welcoming another new member to the MODX Team: UX Designer and Creative Director, Dustin Walker.

Dustin will lead all things relating to user interaction from User Experience Design, to User Interface Design, to brand standards, and more. He'll collaborate with the entire team to make things usable, attractive and welcoming. To say the least, this is a huge step for MODX the software and the company.

Like most of the MODX Team, Dustin has been a long-time community member, and has volunteered his ideas and designs with us over the last few months. Coupled with his attitude, experience and style Dustin is an incredible addition to the team. We asked Dustin to share a little bit about himself and he provided the following brief bio:

I am a designer living in Raleigh, North Carolina, with Julie (my wife), Charlotte, Roo (our dogs) and Iris (our cat). I grew up in the "sticks" of central Pennsylvania (near Penn State), moved to Michigan (MSU) and then to Raleigh (NCSU) to be with my wife. In fall of this year we will be moving to Madison, WI, where she will take a full time faculty position at UW-Madison. Apparently we have an affinity for land-grant colleges.

My formal education is in print design. Six years ago my focus transitioned to web design and I have never looked back. Beyond the pixels I am also fascinated with user experience design and consider it the the necessary foundation of a good design. I always start with wireframes.

Up until now I have worked at BCP, a small to mid-sized advertising agency located in Michigan. As the lead web & UX designer I developed a web process and successfully implemented many clients' websites in a wide variety of markets under a variety of budgets. It was at BCP where I started using MODX in late 2005 (I think I just started using it when it had the wild color scheme) and found it the perfect fit for most of our clients. I also have freelanced as a visual and UX designer over the last few years with OnWired where I got exposure to different systems and designing for custom web applications.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family, and being outdoors with the dogs (preferably in the mountains). I rarely turn down a good craft beer and cannot resist playing a new Mario or Zelda game. Once we have room I also plan to start back up with woodworking and wood sculpture. Oh yeah, and I have a major issue collecting headphones.

We're so very happy to add Dustin (and Mark) to the team and look forward to growing MODX even more this year. You can follow Dustin's Dribbble account to get some insight into his style … and you might just get a sneak peek of things to come.