MODX 2.4.1 Released

MODX is excited to announce its latest release, MODX Revolution 2.4.1.

By YJ Tso
April 1, 2012
MODX 2.4.1 Released

Breaking the Mold

We at MODX decided that, yes, it was time for a new release. So, we decided the best way to release a new release is to up the version number. Brilliant! So, we're proud to present MODX 2.4.1, available now.

MODX 2.4.1 introduces your standard bug fixes, but in a new way - we actually programmed bugs into the system that kill off other bugs! These "uberbugs" simply find other bugs, eat off the code that caused them, and then redigest that code into properly functioning code! Not always clean, but will fix nearly any problem!

What about Responsive Design?

With all the hoopla in the internet community about Responsive Design techniques, we here at MODX decided to lead the way in future Internet technologies, introducing a new phase entirely. Responsive Design to us seemed a bit redundant, with "re"-doing it, so we decided to create the new "Sponsive Design Resource" type, which will output your content - no matter the device viewing it - in straight ASCII text with a picture of a LOLCat below it. Now that's adaptive thinking.

MODX 2.4.1 also introduces:

  • Quasi-Resources, which act like normal Resources when they want to
  • Speedia Sources, which access things really, really fast-like
  • Relational Caching, which caches better the more attention you pay to it
  • A new feature for your manager called Custom Hashboards, which allow you to arrange the current trending Twitter hashtags as blocks into your own Domino Rally setup
  • No more ACLs, in favor of AFLs, or Access Freedom Lists, which allow you to dictate the level of freedom and liberty you give to your clients (site-wide censorship available as a paid Extra)

What Happened to 2.3?

We found MODX 2.3, regrettably, too immature to handle the modern-day emotional challenges of being a piece of software, and so, like any good parent, sent it off to boarding school until it decides to shape up. We hope to see it back soon, with a much better attitude.

Conclusion Of Sorts

We hope that you are excited about MODX 2.4.1, and that you make sure to file any issues in our bug tracker - except the bugs that were already eaten, of course. You can download it by concentrating really hard on the download link below, and then visualizing yourself downloading the product - our new form of downloading called "Psychotorrentization".