Revolution 2.2.1 Readies for MODX Cloud and More

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: August 4, 2020  |  2 min read
Revolution 2.2.1 Readies for MODX Cloud and More
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Today we released MODX Revolution 2.2.1 which prepares MODX Revolution for MODX Cloud, adds a few small enhancements and resolves or fixes more than 85 issues filed by the MODX community.

New in 2.2.1 is Sudo users. This is a setting on a user account that gives unrestricted access to the MODX install. This lets site administrators maintain a user account that cannot get locked out of the site while creating Access Policies for other Site Administrators and users. With tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility; you should use the Sudo user setting wisely. Read more about Sudo users from MODX Senior Developer Mark Hamstra.

MODX Revolution 2.2 was one of our biggest releases today. With the Manager interface refinements and other additions including Media Sources and the release of the Articles add-on which enables importing from WordPress and Blogger, allowing designers and creatives to more easily move client sites to MODX and deliver new designs easily and quickly. Read the complete MODX Revolution 2.2 announcement for more details.

Here are the highlights of the 2.2.1 release:

  • Improved many functional issues in the Manager
  • Cleanups and changes for MODX Cloud
  • New user setting that gives unrestricted access regardless of access policies
  • Improved Form Customization to work only for a user's primary group
  • Added language selection to login screen
  • Enable MODX Tags to work in Media Source Properties
  • Enable HTML-only Custom Dashboard File Widgets
  • Corrected timezone issue on servers where PHP settings are incorrect
  • Over 85 other fixes completed and issues resolved (Complete Changelog)

We encourage you to try out MODX Revolution 2.2 and share your experiences with others. Here are the important links to get you on your way:

MODX is only as good as it is because of many individual community members and users that take the time to report issues and request new features. Make sure you read the documentation, post feedback and share your successes in the MODX community forums.

If you are really interested in mastering MODX you can buy the book. MODX: The Official Guide by Bob Ray is available now.

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