MODXpo Europe 2012: November 10, Utrecht

MODXpo will be the largest MODX event ever this November 10 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With international speakers including our own Ryan Thrash and several MODX team members, community sage Susan Ottwell and a host of others. Join us this November for a jam-packed day of MODX. Special ticket pricing on now until Friday September 14. Register now.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: December 6, 2023  |  3 min read
MODXpo Europe 2012: November 10, Utrecht

Join Us At Modxpo Europe 2012

Photo Credit: Marcel030NL

It's been long overdue and thanks to some incredible community members (Bert, GP and Mark) for getting it off the ground, the first MODXpo in Europe is a reality.

This jam-packed event takes place Saturday, November 10, 2012 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. MODX, event sponsors and esteemed community members host a full-day of everything MODX. We can't wait!

Awesome Speakers

Presenters confirmed so far include MODX's knitting sage, Susan Ottwell, Bert Oost, Menno Pietersen and members of the MODX team including Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-founder, Kevin Marvin, CTO, Mark Hamstra, Sr. Developer and more to be announced. See the full lineup of sessions announced so far.

Sessions For Everyone

From MODX newbie to seasoned expert, MODXpo Europe 2012 sessions will include everything from the basics to advanced development strategies as well as demos of MODX Cloud. Some of the scheduled sessions are: Building a Site in 90 Minutes, Developing Extras for MODX: Hands-on and Responsive & Adaptive Web Design in MODX

Special Early Bird Pricing

MODXpo will be an event to remember and it's an amazing value at just €39,95 (around $50 USD) for a full day event including lunch, beverages and snacks. But hold-on. If you register on or before this coming Friday—September 14, 2012 you'll get €10 off the regular ticket price. Register today.

The Space Between

Beyond the sessions and the speakers, MODXpo will be a tremendous opportunity for you to meet and collaborate with MODX community members from around the world. As an example, when MODXers congregated at CMSExpo in Chicago this Spring they "borrowed" a room for a code-jam/exchange and shared tips, ideas and tactics on working smarter with MODX. With nearly 70 people already confirmed we're aiming to bring more than 200 people together, just think of the opportunities for networking and collaborative learning. Sign up today.

Become A Sponsor; Be A Hero

Does your company or organization want to show its support for and align it's brand with MODX to approximately 200 international web designers, developers, agencies as well as content managers and related industries? Whether you are a small design firm, hosting company or large company that loves what MODX is about, sponsoring MODXpo will make you a hero.

More To Come

It's early days yet and we'll have much more to announce about MODXpo 2012 Europe, be sure to check back here at the MODX blog and if you haven't already, head over to the MODXpo website for the complete details of the event.

Want To Help Make MODXpo A Stellar Success?

We want to make MODXpo a resounding success. You can help get the word out in many ways. Write a blog post about MODXpo and share on your favourite social networks. If you are a presenter/speaker at MODXpo why not offer an overview of your presentation on your own blog. Additionally, just sharing this post and any future posts on MODXpo with anyone who might be interested would be wonderful. See you there.