MODXpo: Spectacular Speakers & Friday Social

We recently announced MODXpo Europe 2012, a one-day international MODX conference this November 10 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.Get your tickets now.

MODXpo is a jam-packed event with a stellar lineup of speakers including: MODX co-founder Ryan Thrash, CTO Kevin Marvin, Senior Developer Mark Hamstra, and other well known members of the MODX community including Bert Oost (Bert Oost Design), and Menno Pietersen (DesignFromWithin). It’s already a great slate of talks and there's still more to come.

Ryan Thrash, Kevin Marvin and Mark Hamstra

A Historic Coming-together

MODXpo will also set the stage for a historic coming-together of the two most well-known and respected heroes in the MODX universe. Knitting sage, Susan Ottwell and MODX: The Official Guide author, Bob Ray, will both be presenting as well as attending the conference. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the two people that have collectively spent more time thinking about MODX, answering questions, and solving problems, than anyone else on the planet.

Friday Night Social

If you are able to arrive in Utrecht on Friday, we’re planning a pre-conference social to meet fellow conference goers, speakers and the MODX team. Have a drink and hang out with MODXers from all over the world in a relaxed atmosphere before MODXpo officially gets underway. Tentatively scheduled from 7PM to 10PM, we will announce the location in the coming two weeks.

Where to Stay

We want to make it easy for you to join us in Utrecht so we’ve posted a list of hotels around the MODXpo venue—some including special rate offers. We are still working with a number of accommodations to get deals. If you haven’t booked your stay, now’s a great time to check out the accomodations. If you know of a great place to stay that's not on our list, please post them in the comments.

Seeking Sponsors

We wanted MODXpo to be affordable for all attendees. It is only thanks to our generous event sponsors and partners that we are able make it a success or even possible. If you'd like to sponsor, why not find out how to show your support for MODX in front of 200 MODXers from all over the world.

Register Soon

There are just over 5 weeks to go and over half the tickets are gone. Come be part of the biggest MODX event in history—get your MODXpo 2012 tickets now.

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