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Published on October 11, 2012

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Almost 6 months—or better—exactly 170 days after Shaun, Jason, Ryan, John, James, and I met, we have launched the paid version of MODX Cloud. 170 days that included a wedding and honeymoon (for me), vacations, late nights, new ideas, planning, discussion, argument, documentation and design, and yet we launched another great product. One that I can only hope will grow awareness for MODX as a whole, and help fund the next versions of our CMS product.

I want to both congratulate and thank the members of our staff for their outstanding contributions to this suite of software. None of this would have been possible without the help of every member of the MODX staff, and all of them are geniuses, rockstars, ninjas, whatever the tech companies are calling ‘staff’ these days. Truly, in many ways, I have never worked with such an agile group of people in my career. Specifically, I would like to thank:

  • Shaun McCormick, who built the Cloud Dashboard, integration to payment systems, operational software, and helped me work on CloudAgent, the multi-threaded multi-machine multi-location integration software behind all of the operations that MODX Cloud does.
  • Jason Coward, the architect behind Siphon and Vapor, two of the most critical additions to the platform. Building an application that extracts specific information from a CMS that is built to be ‘massively configurable’, store that information, and replay it against a new installation is no mean feat.
  • Dustin Walker, who designed the user interface of MODX Cloud Dashboard and modxcloud.com. I can’t wait to see the beautiful and usable things coming from him in MODX’s future for Cloud, for our CMS and other things we just might want to do.
  • Mike Schell, since I stole him from the PS team to work on the administrative tools we need to operate the Cloud, has done a fantastic job making sense of running something that can grow as large as we like.
  • Jay Gilmore, the man who got our community excited, kept those who asked for access informed, and helped make our beta successful.
  • Jeff Propes, who designed the secure locations on the servers in which the Clouds run.
  • YJ Tso, for making videos that describe what MODX Cloud does with a level of quality that we could not master internally without him, and providing tons of documentation.

These guys have truly shown not only how quality software is made, but a kind of dedication to our products and company that I have rarely seen.

I would also like to thank George Karidis, Paul Ford, and the rest of the great folks from SoftLayer. Not only have they been our infrastructure partner, but as part of their Catalyst Startup Program they helped us better define the product, offered us office space, and provided us with tons of caffeine.

I look forward to where MODX Cloud and our CMS take us in the future.

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