Holy MODX Cloud, Batman!

MODX Forum member and recent MODX Cloud user, Peter Knight, shares his work changing experience with MODX Cloud. Read on to see why he says his "jaw literally dropped" after putting MODX Cloud to some real work for a client.

By Jay Gilmore
October 19, 2012
Holy MODX Cloud, Batman!

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"Holy MODX Cloud, Batman!"

This is the title of a post in the MODX Forums from user eladnova, aka Peter Knight. He explains how he came to realize the power of MODX Cloud. He, like other MODX Cloud users have only tentatively dipped their toes in the water to see what MODX Cloud really does. Here's an excerpt of what he experienced today:

But this morning my biggest client called me about a big website overhaul they have in the pipeline and the number 1 stipulation was that ...

“I need to give the Board of Directors, Management team and Staff' a preview URL before we go live. I don't care how it's done, where it sits or how we access it but we need to see an exact copy of the our site with the new changes in place before we go live.”

So I downloaded the Vapor tool, ran it on the live site and injected it into my MODX cloud account within about 30 mins.

My jaw literally dropped when I logged into this MODX Cloud snapshot and saw an exact working and functioning version of the site before me. I now have a mirror image version of my clients site which I can roll out changes to and then hand back for review.

We're so grateful to hear experiences like this about MODX Cloud and we'd love for you to share yours. If you're currently using MODX Cloud, please share your experiences in the comments below or feel free to respond to Peter's post in the Forums. If you're not yet using MODX Cloud, the Beta is still open (for a little while longer) so sign-up today.