Let’s All Spread MODX Around the World

Everyone in the MODX Community will benefit the more awareness and adoption that happens for MODX. But there's no way for that to occur quickly without Community leaders and experts leading the mission to spread MODX. We need your help to explode the MODX ecosystem, together.

By Ryan Thrash
December 7, 2012
Let’s All Spread MODX Around the World

As mentioned in my recent blog post, the MODX Ambassador program first surfaced at MODXpo EU in the opening keynote. In short, everyone in the Community benefits the more MODX grows in awareness. We want to see that happen faster by asking members and experts in the Community to become leaders and help spread MODX.

This is where I personally hope the MODX Ambassadors comes in and thrives. MODX Ambassadors should have a blast helping expand the awareness and adoption of MODX both in their local communities and online in special interest groups. Without waxing poetically about what should happen—we want your ideas and feedback—below are a few thoughts on a basic framework for the Ambassador program.

What happens after meet-ups
Pre-MODXpo meet-up in Utrech, NL. Photo credit: Mark Hamstra
Primary Responsibilities

Ambassadors will help educate users and share MODX with the world.

  • Facilitate sharing knowledge—host quarterly meet-ups, preferably monthly
  • Engage the Community—answer questions + offer feedback on what people need in local regions in the Forum, where coincidentally you’ll likely meet potential meet-up attendees (you’re effectively a moderator, too)
  • Build rapport—be available to meet with attendees after meet-ups at a local pub/restaurant
  • Help educate—translate tutorials & training materials, including possibly subtitles or secondary audio for videos
  • Learn—attend video conferences for updates on what’s happening with MODX
  • Feed conferences & camps—build a regional meet-up list of at least 50 people, maintained through a central MODX system for tracking, that can be invited to MODXpo conferences and MODX camps
Meet-up Goals

Hosting meet-ups is a lot of fun, and doesn’t really take that much work. We’re working on a meet-up manual and we’ll support you as you grow your local groups.

  • Draw from an area no farther away than a 1 hour drive … preferably
  • Get at least 10 people to show up
  • Get people that show up once, to do so another 2-3 times a year
  • Have a 30-60 minute presentation, with plenty of time for Q&A and discussions (MODX will help with content here, too)
  • Post meet-up drinks and conversation—have fun and develop relationships!
Other Ways Ambassadors can Contribute

We’d love to see Ambassadors do more than just manage meet-ups.

  • Create tutorials
  • Write articles for regional magazines (online & print)
  • Attend and staff booths for industry or Open Source conferences like Cebit, Linux Expo, OSCon etc.
  • Host end-user targetted seminars aiming at business owners
  • Ship swag in your country that might (eventually) be sold off MODX.com

Not just a one-way street

Everyone is so insanely busy these days. We want to make sure that Ambassadors get a ton of value out of helping grow MODX, outside of just plain old giving back.

  • High Community profile—build a business being known as a valued expert and influencer with access to MODX
  • Recognition—badges in the Forum identifies you as a valuable team member
  • Access to MODX—interact with the team leading MODX on a regular basis
  • Influence the Future—let us know what matters to you and to users in your part of the world … when official MODXpos happen, you’ll be invited to private meetings to help brainstorm making the MODX future brighter
  • Collaborate & Grow Your Business—increased opportuntities to discover new people to work with and new opportunities
  • Early Information—as the leader of local user groups, you’ll learn about the latest MODX happenings and even get sneak peeks at what’s coming next you can share with your meet-up participants

Become an Ambassador

Are you one of those crazy folks in the MODX Community that loves, knows a ton about and has a passion to see MODX grow? Tell us why you’d make a great Ambassador, and what you’ve done in the past. We want to be super-dilligent about how we handle launching this program, so it may take a bit to get back to you, but know we’re definitely not forgetting about you at all.