Introducing the MODX Ambassadors

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Published on February 8, 2013

Introducing the MODX Ambassadors

At MODXpo EU in Nov 2012, we floated the idea of MODX Ambassadors to help spread MODX. The reception to it blew us away—people all over the world wanted to help spread MODX and to see it grow.

Today, it’s time to officially recognize the amazing Community members who are our 72 founding MODX Ambassadors who will help the world learn about, try and adopt MODX—both in local communities, and online with Special Interest Groups.

I’d like to personally thank them all for their commitment to giving back to MODX. (Forum login required to view profiles.)

Eastern Europe

Western Europe



We are incredibly thankful to have such a strong start with the MODX Ambassadors. But we want to see it explode globally! If you have time to be a local evangelist for MODX, or think you might want to help coordinate meet-ups or SIGs, please take a few seconds to fill out the MODX Ambassadors interest form.

Millions Rely on MODX

In 2005, MODX could power a fully mobile-responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3, even though those technologies weren’t invented yet. And with MODX today, you’re ready not only for what you need now but also what comes next.

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