Why Does Creative Freedom Matter to You?

The charge that technology inhibits Creative Freedom isn't new. In 2009, Mark Boulton published his thoughts on the matter here. In fact, it's such a sore point that the industry is riddled with "Designer vs Developer" debates. In his post, Mark pointed to issues like this as the root cause.

The problem is that technology—in this case a Drupal module, does actually inhibit Creative Freedom, by imposing the Developer's needs upon the Designer in the form of generated markup that is difficult to modify. Guilty as charged. Unfortunately this crime (maybe it's only a misdemeanor but a crime nonetheless) is not uncommon.

NOT Creative Freedom:

  • Warring factions: designers vs developers
  • Limitations in the HTML (content) generated by the technology (content management)
  • Having to comply with a generic architecture because "it has to cope with many different uses"
  • "Themes"
  • Website Owners beholden to the diverging goals of the various folks who supposedly serve them
  • Anything that makes unique, individual expression of ideas difficult, or impossible

If nothing else, freeing the world of the above is enough reason to crusade for creative freedom. For a moment, let's imagine:

  • Designers and developers can work together in harmony without getting in each other's way
  • The content management generates whatever content you want, period.
  • The architecture is open and flexible enough to accomodate any use, without restriction
  • No "Themes", just your very own markup
  • Website owners get exactly what they need, no more, no less - and YOU are empowered to deliver it to them, your way, whether you're a designer or developer
  • Individual expression and freedom of choice are the minimum standard

I get chills down my spine when I think about such freedom—it means creativity and expression unleashed, it means limitless potential, and it means power and creative freedom for you.

So, does creative freedom matter to you? Please tell us why in the comments. Go ahead, express yourself :)

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