Awesome Sponsors Needed for MODXpo 2013

The start of MODXpo 2013, our third, international user conference on November 1st, is fast approaching. We're seeking sponsors interested in promoting their business or brand, and who wish to support a thriving, Open Source community.

Sponsor Promotion Before, During and After MODXpo

Sponsorship includes brand exposure during the conference in front of the expected 300 attendees. However, most sponsorship levels include promotion leading up to and after the event, throughout the MODX universe, including:,, the MODX Insider newsletter, social networks and more. If you're looking to make an impression hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, 21K newsletter subscribers and social followers and connections, download the Sponsor Kit today or email—sponsorships start at just €250 ($335 USD).

MODXpo Attendees

MODXpo attendees include web developers, designers and digital agency staff and owners from around the world. Attendees make purchasing decisions and provide advice to clients on web hosting, eCommerce, accounting tools, email services and much more. You can get complete details of MODXpo, attendees and MODX in the Sponsor Kit.

Bring Two Logo Sponsors Get Free Admission

MODXers who wish to get free admission to MODXpo 2013 can do so by referring two Logo-level sponsors. That's right, bring two sponsors and your entry to MODXpo is absolutely free. Of course we'll shower you with gratitude as well.

Join the Ranks of Past Sponsors

MODX was grateful for and mentioned our past MODXpo sponsors long-after the event. Here are some of the generous companies that sponsored previous MODXpos: Microsoft, Softlayer, Sterc, Mark Hamstra, Jeroen Kenters Web Development, Oost Design, KRSTN, turnmeon audiovisual media solutions, bytethinker, SkyToaster, and AnyScreenSize.

Join the ranks of these awesome companies who've supported the MODX community and show off your business. Download the Sponsor Kit or contact us today. If you're a MODX developer, do you know a company that would love to sponsor our event? If you're a MODX user, would you like to show some appreciation for the awesome platform that runs your sites? Please let us know.

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