Big Changes at MODX Cloud & SiphonLabs

MODX Cloud/SiphonLabs has been reintegrated with MODX. MODX Cloud is filled with potential and we’re making changes to ensure it will grow into a thriving and sustainable part of the MODX business, and into a must-have tool for MODX site builders and developers.

By Ryan Thrash
July 30, 2013
Big Changes at MODX Cloud & SiphonLabs

After much consideration, and with gratitude for the amazing platform SiphonLabs created, the decision was made to reintegrate operations back with the MODX team. This reintegration includes a number of changes to ensure the survival of, and set the course for, a sustainable and thriving MODX Cloud.

Existing plans will be grandfathered or we’ll help you migrate to new ones in the future if, you so choose. If you currently have production or dev sites, those won't go away. If you have the ability in your current plan to buy/add production or dev sites, that will remain, too.

The biggest change is that we will partner with a variety of hosts worldwide for production hosting—think of it as a straightforward way to export your site to host partners. This will allow us to focus on building a great workflow, maintenance and migration tool, and to work with established hosts who focus on doing what they do best: hosting production websites, email, monitoring and maintaining uptime, SSL, managing DNS, etc. It also makes it possible for you to host your MODX Cloud managed sites where you wish, without waiting for us to expand to new markets in your country or where your customers reside.

WordPress was a tough call for us—we don’t have the deep domain expertise like we do with MODX, and we don’t feel right not providing 100% support for it as a platform. As such, WP production Clouds will be retired. However, WP Dev Clouds will remain available for migrations. There are many truly great WordPress hosts out there already, including the production endpoint partners that will be announced soon. If you have a favorite hoster you’d like us to work with, let us know.

Finally “SiphonLabs” itself was shelved; the MODX Cloud dashboard will be the place to go to manage your projects going forward. We have already redirected all traffic from to and we’ll soon transition all customers to the MODX Cloud Dashboard—which is virtually identical to what you’re used to with the SiphonLabs Dashboard.

Support and ongoing development will be led by Mike Schell, who has been working on Cloud for months (the rest of the Siphon team chose to move on to new opportunities).

For the complete announcement, read my complete announcement post at the MODX Blog.

I sincerely wish to thank you for being a MODX Cloud/SiphonLabs customer. We are happy to answer any and all questions about the changes at

Best regards,
Ryan Thrash
Co-founder, MODX