MODX Issues are Moving to GitHub

We're moving all our MODX issue tracking to GitHub in the coming weeks to make issue management easier and more approachable. No issues will be lost in the migration and we're going to ensure links to old issues will not be lost.

By Jay Gilmore  |  December 2, 2013  |  2 min read
MODX Issues are Moving to GitHub
MODX is Moving to GitHub

We are happy to share that we are moving all issue tracking for MODX to GitHub from our Redmine-based in the coming weeks. The move will affect all versions of MODX and any Extras managed and maintained by the MODX team.

We have been managing integrations at GitHub for a number of years, however we've kept issue management in Redmine for most of that time. The move will significantly streamline the development process. Developers will no longer have to go back and forth between the two sites to find and update issues; everything will live at GitHub. This also means we can get rid of yet-another-server to manage—yay!

The popularity of GitHub for managing open source projects means that people with a wide range of skill levels are familiar with the GitHub interface. This will provide a less intimidating experience for new users, while providing a consistent and all-in-one location for contributors to find issues to work on and submit pull request to.

We will be carefully exporting and migrating all issues from Tracker to GitHub, therefore, no issues will be lost. In addition, we're making special effort to redirect issue URLs so links to issues from the forums etc., will not be orphaned.

We're confident that this move will increase collaboration, improve workflow and encourage more people to submit and review issues.

Again, this move will happen within the next few weeks. We'll post again when we've made the transition.