MODX Evolution 1.0.13 Brings More than 110 Fixes and Improvements

MODX Evolution 1.0.13 is now available. This is the fourth release from the Ambassador-led Evolution team. Evo 1.0.13 includes 24 improvements, 44 refactors, 42 fixes and 1 security enhancement.

We'd like to thank the lead contributors for this release who are: Dmytro Lukianenko (Dmi3yy), Thomas Jakobi (Jako), Segr Kaparov (Segr), DivanDesign studio, esszett, and Eoler.

We'd also like to thank the translators who helped ensure the language files were current: Marc (fourroses), NL; luigif, Nicola (banzai) IT; Masanori Yamamoto (yama), JP; Dmytro Lukianenko (dmi3yy), Alex (Extremum), Pathologic, Segr Kaparov (Segr), RU; PontusAgren, SV; Witek Galecki (witq), pmfx , PL; everton_seib , PT; Thomas Jakobi (jako), DE.

To everyone who filed bugs and made feature requests. Thanks and keep them coming!

To keep your MODX sites safe and performing their best, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Evolution. If you need someone to assist you with your MODX Evolution upgrade, check out our MODX Professionals directory.

Here are the highlights of the 1.0.13 release:

  • KCFinder - change uploaded image/file names with TransAlias
  • ManagerManager updated up to 0.6.1
  • Updated API functions: clearCache, now you can call it with parameter full ($modx->clearCache('full');)
  • Updated API functions: getDocuments, getTemplateVars, getTemplateVarOutput, getDocumentChildren, getDocumentChildrenTVarOutput, you can call getDocumentChildren with parameter all for view all documents (not only published or unpublished, and the same with deleted)
  • Updated Wayfinder to 2.0.2 (available document specific placeholders [+pagetitle+], [+longtitle+] etc.; fixed work of @INHERIT for custom TVs)
  • Managers with role = 1 can see all documents in manager panel and in front-end (in earlier versions documents with restrictions to special groups could not be seen by those manager users)
  • Added API function: $modx->parseText()
  • Added document ID to title during editing document, also added to QM+
  • Breadcrumbs 1.0.4 (you can exclude documents with the specified templates)
  • phpthumb 1.2 (if images on page processed already, phpthumb class will not included)
  • eForm 1.4.5 (added parameters: &attachmentFields/&attachmentPath)
  • FirstChildRedirect 2.0 (added parameters: &default, &sortBy, &sortDir, &responseCode)
  • Read a complete list of changes in the changelog.txt file located at /install/

Download Evolution 1.0.13 now.

Here are the important links to get you on your way:

Details of Key Changes

The following notes will be of significant value to MODX Evolution site builders and developers.

API Changes

$modx->getDocument, $modx->getDocuments, $modx->getDocumentChildren, $modx->getDocumentChildrenTVarOutput, $modx->getTemplateVarOutput, $modx->getTemplateVars

Added ability not consider parameters published and deleted during getting document.

 @param $published {0; 1; 'all'} - Document publication status. Once the parameter equals 'all', the result will be returned regardless of whether the documents are published or they are not. Default: all.

 @param $deleted {0; 1; 'all'} - Document removal status. Once the parameter equals 'all', the result will be returned regardless of whether the documents are deleted or they are not. Default: 0.   


Method allows get document ID by its alias (used in search in manager panel), available since 1.0.12.

$docid = $modx->getIdFromAlias('blog.html');
$docid = $modx->getIdFromAlias('catalog/tovar.html');

Method used for send mails by API (available since 1.0.12). Works with settings, sending emails using mail() or SMTP according to the specified settings in the manager panel. Usage:

#simple variant
    $param = array();
    $param['from']    = "{$site_name}<{$emailsender}>";
    $param['subject'] = $emailsubject;
    $param['body']    = $message;
    $param['to']      = $email;
    $rs = $modx->sendmail($param);

#variant with additional settings 
    $modx->mail->From       = $from;
    $modx->mail->FromName   = $fromname;
    $modx->mail->Subject    = $subject;
    $modx->mail->Body       = $report;
    if(!$modx->mail->send()) return 'Main mail: ' . $_lang['ef_mail_error'] . $modx->mail->ErrorInfo;

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