$10,000 Reward for Envato’s Most Wanted

MODX has teamed up again with Envato to launch Envato's Most Wanted contest to help grow the inventory of high-quality MODX Themes available at ThemeForest. More than $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. It's both a race and a contest!

By Jay Gilmore
March 19, 2014
$10,000 Reward for Envato’s Most Wanted

With the recent launch of MODX Themes in ThemeForest, Envato and MODX are teaming up once again, to help grow inventory of high-quality MODX Themes available in ThemeForest. Today marks the launch of Envato’s Most Wanted contest.

With $10,000 in cash and prizes from Envato and MODX, we’re setting the stage for a real showdown. The contest is in two parts, a First 10 race and Best Overall theme.

In the First 10 race, the first 10 submissions will be rewarded with $325 in cash and $250 in MODX Cloud credit. In the Best Overall Item Contest, MODX will select 5 best themes from all submitted themes with first prize over $1250 in cash and prizes. And, authors are eligible to win one of the First 10 rewards plus a Best Overall award.

For the complete details on the contest rules and prizes, head on over to the Envato’s Most Wanted announcement. All submissions are due by May 14, 2014 with prizes awarded soon after.

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One Last Note

If you’re a regular MODX.com visitor, you might have noticed we’ve spruced up a little. It’s a taste of things to come. Thanks to Oliver Haase-Lobinger and Jesse Showalter for creative assistance and inspiration.