MODX Revolution 2.3: Prepare for Release

We're nearing release of 2.3 and we wanted to let you know what's new in 2.3 as well as ask for your help in preparing for it's planned release on July 1, 2014.

By Jay Gilmore
June 13, 2014
MODX Revolution 2.3: Prepare for Release

The long awaited MODX Revolution 2.3 is planned to be released on July 1st, 2014. This release includes major improvements including a new, vastly streamlined and more modern, Manager Theme, User Group settings configurable by user group rank, and Resources and Elements can be opened in a new tab or Window.

Last Call for Features

In preparation for it's release we are instituting a feature freeze commencing on June 20, 2014. Any features not ready for integration at that time will be scheduled for 2.4 (following semantic versioning rules).

For translators, translations will be accepted until the day prior to release. We'll be sending out an email to notify all translators and answer any questions you may have.

What's New in 2.3

Here's a list of the highlights of Revolution 2.3:

  • Manager Theme Redesign
  • One Connector to Rule Them All
  • Actions Now Identified by Name (path) rather than an ID
  • User Group Settings by User Group rank with preference to Primary User Group
  • Contexts Now Have a Name Field separate from the Key
  • Define Custom Welcome Actions via Settings
  • Manage Custom HTTP Headers by Content Type
  • The Manager Gateway is now Configurable (i.e. change from index.php)
  • Open Resources and Elements in a New Tab or Window
  • Define Custom Tree Icons by Template
  • Added in/inarray Conditional Output Modifier
  • Added contains/containsnot Conditional Output Modifier
  • Element Categories are now unique by Parent + Name
  • Manager Menu split into 2 top-level Containers--- topnav & usernav
  • Added Dependency Management to Transport Packaging

Testers and Bughunters Wanted

Anyone interested in testing MODX Revolution 2.3 prior to its release, you can download it here at or, if you're using MODX Cloud, you can install Revolution 2.3 into a new instance and test away. If you find bugs, we'd love to be able to fix them before the general release. Please report any bugs or, even better, submit patches to the MODX Revo project on GitHub.