MODX Cloud: Faster Backups and 57% Less Cute

Today we’re announcing improvements and updates, including more performant and reliable backups, enhanced Git, remote database access and software stack updates. We've also made MODX Cloud “less clever” by toning down the language used in the Dashboard.

By Ryan Thrash
June 24, 2014
MODX Cloud: Faster Backups and 57% Less Cute

In our ongoing quest to improve MODX Cloud’s usability, usefullness and stability, we’re announcing a few key updates to help site builders get their jobs done more productively.

  • Backups Refactored—Backups took too long and consumed too much IO. We were able to cut the processor and load in half and they also complete about 30% more quickly. The platform stability has improved, and as a result MODX Cloud users can expect a more reliable platform. We'll continue to monitor and improve backups.
  • Remote Database Management—one of the most requested features by site builders is now in production. Your database access credentials to use tools like Navicat or remote backup tools reside on the same page as your SSH login details in the MODX Cloud Dashboard.
  • Get Your Git—many site builders want to use Git from the command line in their development workflow. This is now possible due to changes in how Git is deployed inside each MODX Cloud project, so you can checkout and manage your projects just like all the cool kids.
  • Keep Your Sites Safe—Part of our commitment in Cloud is to keep up to date with current releases of the software stack powering MODX Cloud. In this release, we updated PHP to the latest 5.4.29 version and pushed it live to close potential security holes on the first day of our development sprint.
  • General Updates—as a result of improving the UI and fixing bugs, the Dashboard works better giving users a more fluid experience in MODX Cloud; fewer support tickets were opened as a result. The improvements include removing the pagination from the Favorites on the Clouds page so you’re not limited to only seeing four active projects at a time, improving notifications of activity in MODX Cloud, and ensuring cancelling no longer needed trial or Lab accounts works as expected.
  • Expunging “Clever”—while we certainly appreciate good humor and the occassional clever message buried deep in the corner of apps, it doesn’t need to be pervasive. In preparation for translating the UI into multiple languages, we began removing things that didn’t add clarity to the User Experience. As Steve Krug would say, "Don’t Make Me Think."