3 Awesome Newsletters for Web Devs and Designers

by Jay Stephen Gilmore

Published on October 27, 2014

If you’re like me, you love to keep on top of what’s happening in web development and, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than curated article lists. These three email newsletters offer some serious goodies covering topics including: RWD, web standards, usability, JS, performance and much more. All three of these newsletters are worth subscribing to.

Web Development Reading List

German front end developer, and friend of the MODX community, Anselm Hannemann, offers his weekly reading list with deep topics from around the web. In the latest edition he links to an article on Apple design and hamburger menus, CSS Clippy, W3C and web payments, a slide deck on “In the DOM, no one will hear you scream” and much more. Get the WDRL.

Links for Light Reading (WSG)

Russ Weakley’s Links for Light Reading (on the Web Standards Group newsletter) is a topic based list format newsletter. I was happy to see it’s restarted after a long hiatus. In the most recent edition, Russ included links to a complete guide to Flexbox, a guide to responsive images, Indie web building blocks, preparing for ECMAScript 6, and more. Get Links for Light Reading.


SitePoint (yes the people behind sitepoint.com, Learnable and creators of 99Designs.) have a brilliant newsletter with lots of great web dev article links. In the latest edition there are articles on CSS charts with cssplot, content research and some tangential web related articles. Subscribe to Versioning.

What are You Reading?

Are you subscribed to awesome web development and design newsletters? Share them in the comments.

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