Announcing MODXpo 2015 November 21-22 in Munich, Germany

We're proud to announce that the fourth, official MODXpo will take place on November 21 and 22 in Munich, Germany. Organizers are seeking suggestions for topics, applications from speakers and suggestions and offers for sponsorship. Save the date and join MODXers from around the world this November in Munich.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: August 7, 2020  |  2 min read
Announcing MODXpo 2015 November 21-22 in Munich, Germany

MODXpo 2015, Munich, November 21–22, 2015

Photo: Aerial view of Munchen: Marienplatz, New Town Hall and Frauenkirche

We're proud to announce that the fourth, official MODXpo will take place on November 21 and 22 in Munich, Germany.

The previous official MODXpo was hosted in November 2013 in Cologne, Germany. After a year hiatus (though not without an awesome MODX conference in between), web designer and MODX Ambassador, Benjamin Davis, has taken the reins as chief organizer for the next official MODXpo with major help from the MODX Munich Meetup Group and other MODX Ambassadors.

MODXpo is an international conference for people who build websites with, and use MODX. Sessions include presentations and workshops for both a beginner and seasoned pro. Everyone who attends a MODXpo comes away filled with new perspectives for solving business or clients' problems. There's nothing like it.

The catalyst for MODXpo 2015 was the Munich-based agency, and MODX fans, Kochan & Partner. They graciously offered to host the event in their 200 person capacity hall. Kochan & Partner have been long-time MODX users and host the local MODX meetups in Munich.

No conference would be complete without interesting topics and speakers. The organizers would like as much input as possible for shaping MODXpo 2015 into the best conference it can be. The organizing team is seeking your ideas on interesting talks and are looking for proposals from anyone in the MODX community who is interested in sharing some of how they work. Submit your topic ideas.

Even if you've never spoken at an event before but have solved some problems in an interesting way for your business, your clients or just built something cool. That's all you need to start building your talk. Apply to speak at MODXpo 2015.

Of course an event of this size cannot rely only on a single host sponsor, as nice as the team at Kochan & Partner are. We'd like to partner with some awesome organizations who are looking to support the MODX event or put their brand in front of the MODX community at large. Contact the MODXpo 2015 team to ask about becoming a sponsor partner

If you're looking to dig deep into MODX, meet some smart, interesting and diverse web designers and developers from all over the world, mark Novemer 21 and 22, 2015 in your calendar for MODXpo 2015. Stay up to date on what's happening with MODXpo 2015 at the event website. We hope to see you in Munich.