MODX Cloud Update September 21, 2015

We’re constantly working on features and functionality requested by MODX Cloud users. Along with some other tweaks, we’re especially happy to offer more insight into what we’re working on, and to give users more direct access to influence its future. Read more for the complete details.

By Ryan Thrash
September 21, 2015
MODX Cloud Update September 21, 2015

The MODX Cloud Public Roadmap now Live

We are constantly working to improve both as an organization and to provide a tool that better fits our customers’ needs. Both building, and building in, MODX Cloud is a blast—and it already incorporates hundreds of users’ ideas.

But before today, getting insight into what’s going on usually meant cornering the team in Skype or Slack. Not anymore!

You can visit the MODX Cloud Roadmap Trello board now, vote on cards and make suggestions. We can’t promise to do everything suggested, and the Roadmap is not an all encompassing list of everything we’re working on, but it hopefully provides a 10,000-foot view of the future and current work.

We hope to see some great ideas come out of this that we haven’t considered. For most cards, click on them to comment, vote and get more details. Here’s how it works and is organized (borrowed from the first card).

Voting for Features

To show your support for an item, vote and comment—you’ll need a Trello account to do so, but they’re free. To suggest something that’s not here, comment on this Features & Suggestions card in this column. We can’t promise we’ll do all suggestions, or even all the things in the Idea column, but we do promise to give them careful consideration.

If we turn a suggestion into a Roadmap item, chances are it will get removed from this column to keep things organized.