MODX Revolution 2.4.1—Updates & Fixes

On special today is the MODX Revolution CMS version 2.4.1, marinated in an xPDO sauce, with a side of PHPMailer.

By YJ Tso
September 23, 2015
MODX Revolution 2.4.1—Updates & Fixes

The latest release of MODX Revolution is a patch upgrade to 2.4.1. If you missed the 2.4.0 announcement, get the low-down here. Lots of goodies.

Highlights from the changelog:

  • Update PHPMailer to v5.2.13
  • Make user grid in ACL view consistent with user group view
  • Update xPDO to 2.4.1-pl
  • Fix dropping elements in template [#12572]
  • On policy template update sync policies with policy template [#12654]
  • Restore backwards compatibility for addons interacting with modTransportProvider [#12633]

Important: 2.3.6 contains a security patch and is considered a mandatory update. 2.4.0 contains all patches from 2.3.6, and also closes the security issue. 2.4.1 is a non-critical patch of the 2.4 branch.

Let’s take the time to thank the individual contributors to this release (in no particular order):

We cannot stress how important it is to run the most current version of MODX. We are always improving security. Upgrade regularly to reduce the chance of your site getting hacked. If you need help upgrading your MODX site, let us know.

Here’s what you need to get started or upgrade to MODX Revolution 2.4:

MODX is only as good as it is because of many individual community members and users that take the time to report issues and request new features. Make sure you read the documentation, post feedback and share your successes in the MODX community forums.

On behalf of the entire MODX Team,